Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.

Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.

Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.

We now live in a world where video content is essential, and if you’re looking for the best screen recording software for your PC or Mac, look no further.

Having the right tools is important for making attention-grabbing movies, and having a solid screen-capturing tool is a must.


How to Screen Record on Windows 10 PC [Full Guidance]


There is a wonderful tool out there that can assist you advance your films regardless of your field of work, whether you’re a content maker, instructor, or gamer.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest screen recording programs, both free and premium, along with a summary of their advantages and disadvantages to help you narrow down your choices.

Table of contents:

1. Loom

2. ShareX

3. Screen Studio

4. Jumpshare

5. Veed

6. ScreenRec

7. Vimeo

8. TechSmith Capture (Formerly Jing)

9. Vidyard

10. Movavi

11. Screencastify

12. TinyTake

13. Wondershare DemoCreator

14. CloudApp

15. Camtasia

16. Riverside

17. Filmora Scrn

18. Screencast-O-Matic

19. iSpring Suit

20. Icecream Screen Recorder

Final Words:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Screen Recording Software?

Can I Simultaneously Capture Audio From the System and Microphone?

How to Choose the Right Screen Recording Software?

You should think about your budget, the features you need, the kind of movies you want to make, and of course your degree of technical skill before selecting the screen recording programme that will serve your needs the best.

It’s important to note that there are both free and paid choices accessible when it comes to budget.

Hence, if you’re searching for a free choice, you’re in good company. Yet, if you’re prepared to spend money on software, you could get access to more sophisticated features and a better user interface.

Moreover, think about the kind of videos you’ll be producing.

For instance, gamers may need a programme that can handle high frame rates and quality, whereas instructors may need a programme that makes it simple to annotate and take notes.

Finally, consider your level of technical proficiency.

If screen recording is new to you, you might choose a programme with an easy-to-use interface and a low learning curve.

Nevertheless, if you’re an expert film maker, you might choose a more sophisticated programme with a greater selection of features and customising possibilities.

Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software (Reviews & Ratings)

  1. Loom


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


Homepage for the Loom screen recorder software, featuring a movie integrated on the right side and text that reads: “Go on. No meetings”

When it comes to making screen recordings for both personal and business usage, Loom software is a game-changer.

Its screen recording feature makes it simple to provide thorough video documentation so it provides unlimited recording time (with a premium plan, of course).

This function can prevent the need for pointless meetings and save critical time.

Although the free edition has certain restrictions, Loom is still a great choice for small businesses seeking a user-friendly screen recording solution.

➤ Supported OS: Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android

➤ Loom Rating on G2: 4.7 *


  • Even in the free version, has no watermarks or advertisements.
  • Keeps track of the views on your videos to get information about viewer interest.
  • Other software, like Jira or Confluence, may be connected with it without much difficulty.
  • With a variety of video interaction features available, such as emoji reactions and comments, it is simpler to communicate with viewers and get feedback.
  • It is simple to access and utilise the programme from the browser due to its Google Chrome extension.
  • Provides limitless transcriptions and rapid editing.


Free: $0 up 25 videos/person with a maximum duration of 5 minutes

Business: $12.50 USD/Creator/mo (annually) with 14 days free trial.

Enterprise: You need to contact sales team to ask for a quotation.

  1. ShareX


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


ShareX is a fantastic free application with almost as many high-end capabilities as some commercial screen recorders.

Nevertheless, as it is a Windows-only programme, it is not officially accessible for Mac operating systems. (Don’t worry; we also have other options for Mac users.)

ShareX is a dependable tool because it doesn’t contain ads, unlike other programmes.

Among ShareX’s capabilities include the ability to take screenshots, record screen activity, and record videos.

It also supports a number of uploading options, including FTP, Dropbox, and Google Drive, making it the perfect tool for online collaboration.

You may simply edit, annotate, and apply effects to your grabs with ShareX, resulting in the creation of high-quality material.

➤ Supported OS: Windows 7 & above

➤ ShareX Rating on G2: 4.8 *


  • It doesn’t have any viruses and is ad-free.
  • Several upload techniques, including FTP, Dropbox, and Google Drive, are supported by ShareX.
  • Hotkeys, picture effects, and annotation tools are just a few of the tool’s numerous customisation choices.
  • It may take a screenshot of the entire screen, a window, a monitor, an area, or a scrolling graphic.
  • Includes unique colour effects and watermarks.


  • Has a challenging learning curve.
  • There are just two types of screen recording options: screen vs. camera and virtual sound vs. voice recorder.
  • While screen recording, there is no option to capture audio.
  • Only Windows operating systems may use it.


ShareX always has been and will continue to be free and open-source software with no ads.

  1. Screen Studio


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


Another strong programme for capturing and editing video on the computer screen is called Screen Studio.

*The nicest aspect of Screen Studio is how it captures your screen as two distinct layers, one of which includes the mouse cursor and the other of which does not.

*You can effortlessly make professional-looking films with its user-friendly interface and configurable options, such as backdrop change and cursor size.

*The inability to export films without a premium plan, which might be a deal-breaker for certain users, is Screen Studio’s main downside.

*Despite this, anyone searching for a dependable and feature-rich screen recording solution may choose Screen Studio.

➤ Supported OS: Mac

➤ Screen Studio Rating on Product Hunt: 4.5 *


*Provides a large selection of customising possibilities.

*Numerous audio and video formats are supported.

*Linux, Mac, and Windows compatible.

*Enables users to broadcast their recordings live.

*Allows the film to be added to an editor like Screen flow and offers a highly fluid workflow.

*Provides a single purchasing option for all the features in each plan.


*For a one-time buy, it is a little expensive.

*Some users may find the interface to be overpowering.

*There is no free version offered.

*No support for Windows.


Standard: $89 pay-once license for you.

Extended: $189 great for multi-devices setups & small teams.

Teams: Get in touch with the sales team to get a quotation.

  1. Jumpshare


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


Jumpshare is a cloud-based visual communication and file-sharing system that provides a number of features including massive file transfers, password-protected sharing, and simple file categorization.

You may highlight particular elements during screen recordings and add visual interest to your films by drawing on your screen using the tool’s desktop programme.

Jumpshare’s sole web version, however, means that customers cannot access it on mobile devices like Android phones or tablets, which is a significant disadvantage.

Jumpshare continues to be a dependable and feature-rich application for anybody searching for shareable screen recordings, screenshots, and GIF grabs despite this restriction.

➤ Supported OS: Web Version working on any operating system.

➤ Jumpshare Rating on G2: 4 *


*File arrangement is simple.

*Provides the ability to transmit huge files.

*Record the audio and video of your screen.

*Sharing that is password-protected for enhanced protection.

*Before upgrading to a premium subscription, there is 2GB of free storage.

*Capabilities for successful synchronisation and backup.


*The desktop application lacks a video editor.

*Not accessible on portable electronics.

*The free plan’s recording time cap is one minute.

*Compared to more sophisticated file-sharing options, it could offer less functionalities.

*Some functionalities need a paid membership.


Basic: $0 per member with 2 GB of space & 250 MB upload file size limit.

Plus: $8.25 per member/month with 1 TB (1,000 GB) of space & 20 GB upload file size limit

Business: $12.50 month per member/minimum 3 users, billed annually with 2 TB (2,000 GB) of space & no upload file size limit.

Enterprise: Custom quote.

  1. Veed


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


Without having to download any software, you may record your screen with the free online screen recorder provided by Veed.

It may be used to record a range of content, including business meetings, explainer videos, and gaming videos, and is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems.

Webcams and microphones may be used with the platform, allowing for high-quality screen recordings that include both video and audio.

The free version’s restricted feature set in comparison to premium solutions, which might not be appropriate for more experienced users, is one possible drawback.

Also, users with sluggish or unstable connections may suffer from the platform’s reliance on an internet connection.

In general, Veed is an easy-to-use application that works well for simple screen recording requirements but might not be the best choice for more challenging projects.

➤ Supported OS: Windows & Mac

➤ Veed Rating on Trustpilot: 3.5 *


*Utilizable with a single click to record the screen.

*Works with Mac and Windows PCs.

*There is no need to download any plugins or applications.

*Suitable with all laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

*Permits the usage of microphones and cameras.

*Free version is offered.


*The saving and exporting processes could be buggy.

*Dependence on a working internet connection.

*Not very good on mobile.

*Advanced users or more complicated projects might not be a good fit.


Free: € 0/mo

Basic: € 3/mo Billed €156 annually, per user

Pro: € 22/mo Billed €264 annually, per user

Business: € 58/mo Billed €696 annually, per user

  1. ScreenRec


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


ScreenRec is a free screen recorder that enables users to quickly and watermark-free record their desktop.

Instead of connecting to external services like Google Drive, the Cloud Recording technology uploads screenshots and screen recordings while they are being made to a secure video platform.

Users no longer have to wait for their screencasts to upload, which makes the procedure quicker and more effective.

The platform could provide less functionality than premium solutions, which means it might not be appropriate for more experienced users.

Overall, ScreenRec is a user-friendly utility perfect for simple screen recording needs that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

➤ Supported OS: Windows, Linux & Mac

➤ ScreenRec Rating on Trustpilot: 4.5


*One-click screen recording makes it simple to use.

*The recordings don’t have a watermark.

*Uses Cloud Recording technology to enable instantaneous uploads.

*There is no need to connect to outside services.

*Unlimited recording with the free version.


*Less features than available with other premium choices.

*Advanced users or more complicated projects might not be a good fit.

*It only allows you to record for five minutes if you don’t have an account.


ScreenRec is free to use, and if you want unlimited recording time, you just have to create an account.

  1. Vimeo


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


Searching for a quick and easy method to make instructional videos?

Users may record their computer screen and voice using the screen recording tool available on the video-sharing website Vimeo.

You’ll have more freedom in the editing process if you can record the screen and audio independently.

Moreover, the Vimeo programme comes with fundamental editing capabilities, making it a one-stop shop for creating videos.

The free edition, on the other hand, has a 5-minute recording time restriction and excludes more sophisticated features like notes and subtitles.

If you’re searching for a simple solution, Vimeo is a wonderful platform for producing polished instructional films.

➤ Supported OS: Windows & Mac

➤ Vimeo Rating on G2: 4.2


*Enables you to record computer sounds and your screen.

*Adaptable video player with possibilities for branding and advertising

*Both the desktop online experience and the mobile app allow you to crop your video.

*Unlimited recordings for a maximum of two hours each.


*Less video editing and trimming options.

*When you’re repositioning the movies in bulk, it might take some time.


Starter: €8 per seat / monthly billed annually with 60 videos per seat/year.

Standard: €20 per seat / monthly billed annually with 120 videos per seat/year

Advanced: €49 per seat / monthly billed annually with 240 videos per seat/year

Enterprise: Contact their sales team for pricing without any limitations.

8. TechSmith Capture (Formerly Jing)


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


TechSmith Capture: A free, simple-to-use tool called TechSmith Capture, formerly known as Jing, enables users to take screenshots and record their displays for sharing.

The app is renowned for its simple navigation and superior picture and video quality.

It could, however, be more difficult for certain people to utilise than other tools like Print Screen or Snipping Tool.

One drawback is that it could not be as dependable when looking for recorded video, therefore having a separate site to store and access recorded content would be beneficial.

➤ Supported OS: Windows & Mac

➤ TechSmith Capture Rating on G2: 4.5 *


*Free and easy to use.

*A simple to use interface.

*Superior video and picture quality.

*A simple software with easy access.


*More difficult to use than other tools.

*Perhaps less trustworthy when looking for recorded video.

*Not having a separate location to access and store recordings.


You can use it for free and paid plan is provided by the sales team.

  1. Vidyard


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


Using the corporate tools you currently use, including email, CRM, and social networking platforms, Vidyard’s software application makes it simple to produce and distribute videos.

The movie stays online so that viewers may see it again at any time, and this screen recording software also offers data to demonstrate the ROI of these films.

Yet other users have complained that the programme freezes up or won’t let them share a particular screen they want to utilise for the video.

However, the Google Chrome extension may occasionally be annoying to use, and the length of a video might influence how long it takes to load.

➤ Supported OS: Windows & Mac

➤ Vidyard Rating on G2: 4.5 *


*Easily integrated with current corporate tools and simple to use.

*Shows the ROI of movies with data.

*The viewer can revisit videos that are still available.

*For as many as 25 films in your collection, it’s free.


*May freeze or refuse to let users share a particular screen.

*Using the Google Chrome addon might be difficult.

*Larger movies could require more time to load.


Free: $0 with up to 25 videos in your library

Pro: $19 with unlimited videos & video insights

Business: You need to contact sales for a customized quotation.

  1. Movavi


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


With the helpful and dependable Movavi Screen Recorder, you may record any kind of screen activity and store it in any common video format.

To satisfy varying demands, it has a number of capture modes and programmable settings.

Also, it can record high-quality movies at a rate of up to 60 frames per second, making it a fantastic option for individuals who need recordings that are fluid and smooth.

Nonetheless, it is more expensive than some of its rivals.

Movavi Screen Recorder is, all things considered, a dependable and feature-rich programme that is well worth the cost for people who require the best screen recording capabilities.

➤ Supported OS: Windows & Mac

➤ Movavi Rating on G2: 4.5 *


*Versatile and capable of capturing all screen activity

*Recordings in high definition at up to 60 frames per second

*Adjustable settings to meet each user’s specific recording requirements

*Powerful video editing software for clip combining, trimming, and cutting.

*Include special effects and animated titles.

*Save the video in 4K or Full HD.


*More expensive than some rivals.

*No plan for a monthly subscription.

*Periodic lag or performance problems have been noted.


1-year subscription: 30,95 €

Lifetime / 1 PC: 49,95 €

  1. Screencastify


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


Anybody, from novices to seasoned video artists, may generate professional-looking screen recordings with the simple-to-use Screencastify application.

With the help of this Chrome plugin, you can include viewers and produce more engaging content.

Users of Screencastify may quickly attach movies to emails and store recordings for later use.

To access more sophisticated capabilities, you must sign up for a premium plan because the free version has restricted features and recording time.

➤ Supported OS: Windows & Mac

➤ Screencastify Rating on G2: 4.6 *


*To engage visitors, use interactive features like the pen tool.

*Use video in emails to draw readers in.

*See who has watched your video.

*Videos are automatically saved in your Google Drive for convenience.


*The default setting for sharing is private, which might be cumbersome.

*There are few editing options.


Free: $0 with 10 videos per video library & 30-minute max per video.

Starter: $7 per user, per month (Billed Annually)

Pro: $10 per user, per month (Billed Annually)

  1. TinyTake


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


For both Windows and Mac, TinyTakeis a potent yet simple screen capture and video recording programme.

Users can easily capture screenshots and videos of their computer screen using TinyTake, and they can even annotate and comment on their recordings to make them better.

Professionals that need a quick and effective way to record customer assistance, instructional films, and presentations should use this product.

Even for the most expensive plan, there is a maximum recording time of 60 minutes, which is rather short.

When attempting to capture conferences or webinars without interruption, this might be a big problem.

➤ Supported OS: Windows & Mac

➤ TinyTake Rating on G2: 4.3


*Free video and screen recording freeware.

*Upload captured videos directly to YouTube.

*Every local drive file may be easily shared as links.

*Includes annotating and commenting.


*Short video recording time.

*Not ideal for extended events like webinars or conferences.

*Compared to other priced options, lacks several sophisticated features.

*One-year subscription alone.


Basic: $0 with 5 mins recording limit.

Standard: $29.95/Yr with 15 mins recording limit.

Plus: $59.95/Yr with 30 mins recording limit.

Jumbo: $99.95/Yr with 60 mins recording limit.

13. Wondershare DemoCreator


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


Another user-friendly screen recording programme on our list, Wondershare DemoCreator is ideal for capturing anything you want on your Windows or Mac screen.

You may trim, rotate, crop, annotate, apply custom cursor effects, and more using DemoCreator’s powerful video editing suite.

To make interesting films, you may also use the green screen feature and transition effects.


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


Moreover, DemoCreator provides a DemoAir Google Chrome addon for quick and simple screen recording.

DemoCreator is a flexible tool, although it may be expensive and lacks several cutting-edge capabilities seen in other premium alternatives.

➤ Supported OS: Windows & Mac

➤ DemoCreator Rating on G2: 4.7 *


*You may export in MP4, MOV, and GIF formats.

*Interface that is simple and intuitive

*Comprehensive post-production video editing software

*Includes a Google Chrome addon that makes screen capturing quick and simple.


*A free plan is not offered.

*Need to make a few additional changes to the default settings.


Individual: US$15/Monthly or US$65/Yearly or Perpetual Plan US$75/One-time fee

Business: $99.99 with advanced features.

Annual Plan for Students: $29.99

  1. CloudApp


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


Another excellent free screen recording programme that is compatible with Mac and Windows is CloudApp.

This application is a great choice for asynchronous communication since it makes it simple and quick for users to record their screens and share them.

Both the Chrome extension and the app’s user-friendly UI make it simple to use.

The software offers users the ability to clip and edit their recordings, making it a full-featured option for screen-capture videos.

The video recording process occasionally has delays, although they are few and do not negatively impact the entire experience.

Yet occasionally, the Chrome extension might be sluggish, which could irritate some users.

➤ Supported OS: Windows & Mac

➤ CloudApp Rating on G2: 4.7


*Free screen recording freeware for Windows and Mac

*Easy to use UI and intuitive

*Designed with gamers in mind.

*It is easily accessible thanks to a Chrome addon.

*Perfect for everyday client communication and asynchronous communication


*Periodic pauses in the capturing of videos

*Sometimes, Chrome extensions might be sluggish.

*Limitations on viewing without the pro function.


Free: $0 up to 25 with 1 minute, 30 seconds limits.

Individual: Starting at $9.95 with unlimited features.

Team: Starting at $8 per user with unlimited features.

Enterprise: You must contact the sales team for a custom quotation.

  1. Camtasia


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


For making tutorial and promotional films, Camtasia is a feature-rich screen recording and video editing programme.

High-quality movies may be made using its multi-track timeline, animations, effects, and audio editing features.

Although the programme is simple to use and user-friendly, it also provides extensive functionality for individuals with more expertise.

Camtasia’s expensive price, which may be out of reach for certain people or small enterprises, is one of its disadvantages.

Although being a dependable piece of software, users occasionally encounter crashes and technical difficulties.

Thankfully, Camtasia has a student discount option, making it a more inexpensive alternative.

➤ Supported OS: Windows & Mac

➤ Camtasia Rating on G2: 4.6 *


*English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese are among the languages that are supported.

*To create high-quality videos, use a multi-track timeline, animations, effects, and audio editing tools.

*Beginners may use it easily because to the intuitive user interface and step-by-step instructions.

*Features with sophistication for expert users.

*Student discounts are available.


*No account is free.

*High price that might be a deterrent for people or small enterprises.

*Technical problems and occasional crashes.

*Some of the most sophisticated features have a steep learning curve.


Individual: €337.35 per user/ annually with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Business: €337.35 per user/ annually with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Education: €239.51 per user/ annually with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Government & Non-Pro: €302.48 per user/ annually with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

16. Riverside


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


You may record local audio and video on your PC using Riverside, a great and simple HD screen recorder.

Moreover, it offers easy customization choices and editing tools. Its high degree of use and intuitiveness, which makes it usable even by individuals who are not tech-savvy, is one of its greatest advantages.

One potential drawback, though, is that it could not have all the cutting-edge capabilities that certain professional users would want.

Riverside is still a great option for most people looking to record and edit high-quality videos.

➤ Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Android & IOS

➤ Riverside Rating on G2: 4.4


*User-friendly and simple to use interface.

*HD screen recording in high definition with on-site audio and video recordings.

*Text may be added to videos and they can be cropped and edited simply.

*Opportunities for branding and bespoke video content customization.

*Able to run on both Mac and Windows operating systems.


*No video filters or effects are built-in.

*The free version’s exported files have a watermark.

*Few options for video exporting formats.

*May occasionally have technical problems or difficulties.

*Few choices for adding transitions or effects to videos.


Free: $0 with 2 hours of separate audio & video tracks (one-off).

Standard: $19 per month or $15 /month billed $180 annually with 5 hours of separate audio & video tracks per month.

Pro: $29 per month or $24 /month billed $288 annually with 15 hours of separate audio & video tracks per month.

Teams: Contact Sales for pricing and more info.

17. Filmora Scrn


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


Screen recording, webcam recording, audio recording, and editing tools are just a few of the capabilities that Filmora Scrn’s user-friendly video editing and screen recording programme offers.

Its user-friendly interface, which enables users to swiftly and simply make high-quality films without any expertise, is one of its greatest features.

The lack of a wide variety of advanced functions that other video editing tools offer is a disadvantage of this product.

➤ Supported OS: Windows & Mac

➤ Filmora Scrn Rating on G2: 4.4


*User-friendly and simple to use interface

*HD screen recording in high definition with local audio and video recordings

*Basic video editing programmes for cutting, cropping, and text addition

*Options for branding and bespoke video content customization

*May simultaneously record several audio sources


*The majority of templates and content are extra-charged.

*The free version of Filmora has a watermark and is not a free download.

*Performance may be sluggish or even crash when dealing with big or complicated video files.


Individuals: US$49.99/Year for annual Plan, US$59.99/Year for cross-platform plan & US$79.99 for perpetual plan.

Team & Business: $155.88 annually.

Education: For Student $19.99 monthly or $40.99 annually or $49.99 perpetual plan.

18. Screencast-O-Matic


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


A less expensive alternative to other well-known screen recording programmes is Screencast-O-Matic.

The interface is simple to use, and the recordings are quite clear.

The programme is perfect for new business owners and course designers who wish to produce high-quality films without making a significant financial commitment.

The programme nevertheless provides fundamental editing tools like trim, crop, and split even if it may lack certain sophisticated capabilities like 3D animations and green screen effects.

It differs from other screen recording applications in that it can concurrently capture webcam and audio.

➤ Supported OS: Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, Chromebook.

➤ Screencast-O-Matic Rating on G2: 4.3


*It is inexpensive, making it a good choice for individuals on a limited budget.

*Its user-friendly interface makes it simple for beginners to operate.

*Videos with crystal-clear audio and high-quality screen recordings are provided.

*Simultaneous webcam and audio recording capability makes it simpler to produce compelling videos.

*Tools for basic editing including trim, crop, and split.


*The Chrome plugin can have glitches.

*The free version may have certain restrictions.

*No video filters or effects are built-in.


Free: 0$ with 15 mins recording time.

Solo Deluxe: $4/mo paid annually.

Solo Premier: $6/mo paid annually.

Solo Max: $10/mo paid annually.

Team Business: $8/mo paid annually.

19. iSpring Suit


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


A complete solution that provides a number of options to create high-quality screen recordings is called iSpring Suit.

It is really simple to use and enables you to easily make screencasts with voiceovers, instructional videos with annotations, and screencasts enhanced with presenter videos.

The editing features of iSpring Suite make it simple to adjust your footage once you’ve captured your screen.

To produce a professional final result, you may eliminate noise, cut clips, incorporate media objects and comments, and add transition effects.

Moreover, the integration of PowerPoint with iSpring Suite makes it simple to turn your presentations into interactive eLearning materials.

➤ Supported OS: Windows

➤ iSpring Suit Rating on G2: 4.7 *


*Workflow is intuitive and the UI is user-friendly.

*Features galore for producing educational films and eLearning materials.

*PowerPoint integration enables simple conversion of presentations into interactive content.

*Possibility of including tests, polls, and interactive simulations to improve learning results.


*Not compatible with MacOS.

*The only video format available is mp4.

*Only a few animation and interactive features.


Spring Suite Max: 970€ EUR per author/year.

Spring Suite: 770€ EUR per author/year.

20. Icecream Screen Recorder


Top 20 Best Screen Recording Software in 2023 (Free & Paid): Digital Marketing.


Icecream Screen Recorder, the final utility on our list, captures audio and video independently from your screen, camera, and external microphones.

You can take screenshots in a variety of formats, trim recordings, change playback speed, and record your full screen or just a piece of it.

Professionals will find the programme to be excellent because it has extensive options that allow them to disable screen savers or conceal the pointer and desktop icons. It is simple to use and open to beginners as well.

➤ Supported OS: Windows, Mac, and Android.

➤ Icecream Screen Recorder Rating on G2: 4.1 *


*Enables users to individually capture audio and video

*Advanced options to disable screen savers or conceal desktop icons and the cursor

*Option to take screenshots in many file types

*User-friendly features and an intuitive UI

*Ability to speed up or slow down playback and trim recordings.


*The recording duration and output formats of the free version are constrained.

*The commercial version’s price may seem a little high to certain consumers when compared to those of other tools of a similar nature.

*It only provides a single payment option.


Free: $0 with 5 mins recording time.

The Home license: $29.95 one time payment.

The Pro license: $49.95 onetime payment.

Final Words

We’ve completed our 20-tool trek at last.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to these instruments, as the adage goes.

We’ve done our best to cover as much of the merits and disadvantages of each of these screen recording programmes.

So carefully weigh your possibilities before making a choice.

To pick the ideal tool for you, consider your demands in terms of money, goals, and technical requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Screen Recording Software Is Best?

It’s challenging to determine which screen recording programme is “better” because it relies on personal preferences and demands. Camtasia, Vimeo, Screencast-O-Matic, Riverside, and Screencastify are a few well-liked alternatives.

Can I Record Sounds From the System and the Microphone at the Same Time?

Indeed, some screen recording programmes provide users the choice of concurrently recording audio from their system and microphone. Recording webinars, online meetings, and other forms of video footage may be handy while using this tool.

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