Mt. Gox Registration Deadline Pushed For Another Month

Mt. Gox Registration Deadline Pushed For Another Month


Court jails Ponzi scheme operator seven years over fraudulent N7 million  Bitcoin deal

Mt. Gox Registration Deadline Pushed For Another Month

Let’s bring in success, Chibi K. Now, CEO Biasasi app. Great to have you. So, looking at the current sentiment to the market now, there’s news about, you know, defunct top cryptocurrency exchanges. What’s trending in the market? Now, what does that tell us? Is the bear market still being weighed down by all these exchanges that are going under and are some still in some kind of dispute at this point?

Mt. Gox Registration Deadline Pushed For Another Month


Okay. The exit goals exchange yesterday, said the users have just tomorrow to refute the claim for their payments. So this MCS change was like the first fiscal exchange with having the highest trading volume back in South London, that’s it. So it was assumed to be hacked when it cost my loss over $850 million because as equivalent to $680 million at that time. So bringing it back this crypto, I’ve got a lot of controversies and you can see the bearish sentiments in the market right now.

* So with the repayments of most of this Bitcoin with that crypto exchange, that the MT GONK, is it something the market should be concerned about? Are those people being paid? Are they started to sell off their Bitcoins already?

* Okay. As of yesterday, the fine-cleaned record has amounted to about 799 Bitcoin, which at today’s value is $7.6 billion. So there’s news this morning just before I joined the news that the deadline for the payments has been shifted to a pre-face and the reimbursements will now be late in October.

* So I think the markets will stop relaxing to us a lot, but it’s still wise to look out and be on the safe side because much dumbass Bitcoin from like nine years ago coming to the markets is going to be a lot of disaster to the markets because this credit loss has been frustrated and they don’t have a book of getting that money and getting your money back and seeing that you have reached supposed to just sell off and make it all the money. But it’s quite a number of the amount of Bitcoin belongs to institutional investors, which have come out this much to see that they might not be selling that Bitcoin. So it’s just a 50-50 days’ hope for the market not to react so much henceforth since it continues this morning.

* I’m sure they have some retail users that are also going to get paid and who knows which direction the retail users are going to go. Are they going to want to sell off or maybe they want to hold some of that Bitcoin for future gains? But the market seems to be a lot of caution in the market now with what’s happening with the US and the global central backers still want to raise rates at this time. So which one do you think is weighing on the market more? Is it the risk of recession or some of this Bitcoin is coming out of empty gongs?

* I would say it’s a combination of both. Yesterday, Silver did also declare a part of this. So there’s just a lot of fraud in the markets. Technically, this one I also lost is supported. So I’m not to give financial advice, but I think the market is heading bearish. So it’s conditional that both are facing the markets.

* For now, some said the optics we saw were bull bearish, bearish optics. Even though we saw some green and Bitcoin did rise by about 16,000. Some say, oh, fine, this is not going to last. And it looks like that’s already playing out at this time with the price action we’re seeing. But going forward now, looking to your crystal ball, end of 2023, what are you seeing? Price action.

* Okay. At the end of 2022, we’ll be talking about the next Bitcoin half-end. So there are usually these sentiments with Bitcoin half-end because, after a Bitcoin half-end, the price of Bitcoin usually skyrockets. So I think regardless of the bearish sentiments, I think the end of 2023 will be nice. So I’m hopeful and yeah, it should be nice.


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Mt. Gox Registration Deadline Pushed For Another Month