Best Monsters to Kill for Money In OSRS: Profitable Monsters

Best Monsters to Kill for Money In OSRS: Profitable Monsters

Best Monsters to Kill for Money In OSRS: Profitable Monsters

Search no more! Find the most profitable monsters in OSRS effortlessly right noBest Monsters to Kill for Money In OSRS: Profitable Monsters

Are you searching for the most profitable monsters in OSRS? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will unveil the cream of the crop—demons that can earn you a substantial amount of OSRS gold. Maximize your gaming experience by optimizing your PC drivers to avoid performance issues or in-game errors. Follow these simple steps:

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Now, let’s dive into the exciting world of OSRS and discover the most profitable monsters!

  1. Disciples and Dragons

We start with the Disciples of Iban, weak monsters that consistently drop Zamorak Robe Top and Bottom. These items can be sold for 900-1200 gold and 1800-2800 gold respectively. You can earn an estimated profit of 600-900,000 gold per hour. Not bad if you don’t mind the grind! Additionally, killing Green Dragons, which are found in the Wilderness, Revenant Cave, and Corsair Cove Dungeon, can fetch you between 400,000 to 1 million gold per hour.

  1. Guards and Gargoyles:

Gargoyles are excellent money-makers when utilizing the Slayer skill. With a Slayer level of 75, you can obtain coveted items such as Rune Battleaxe (24k), Rune Platelegs (38k), Granite Maul (34k), Mystic Robe Top (72k), and more. The earnings range from around 600-850,000 gold per hour—a solid and consistent rate. On the other hand, Falador Guards may not be as fearsome, but they can still bring in a considerable amount of gold. With rare drops like Ranger Boots (up to 36.5 million), Holy Sandals (350,000), Wizard Boots (430,000), and various pages (ranging from 185,000 to 450,000 gold), you can earn anywhere between 200,000 to 1 million gold per hour. Just remember to stay alive to make money!

  1. Ventures into the Wilderness:

Wilderness Ents provide a good opportunity to make gold, but you need to kill Cerberus during Slayer Tasks from Krystilia to obtain mysterious emblems. These emblems drop frequently and are worth around 140,000 gold each. While the Wilderness can be dangerous, the number of PKers in the area is relatively low. It’s still advisable to be prepared for any encounters. Additionally, having a Woodcutting level above 61 allows you to earn even more from Wilderness Ents. For those seeking bigger rewards, Wilderness Demi Bosses are worth considering. They drop valuable items like Odium Shard 2 (935k) and Malediction Shard 2 (510k), among others. Although the earnings range from 600,000 to 1.2 million gold per hour, the minimum earning alone is significant.

  1. Dragons and Revenants:

The King Black Dragon, while already a well-known monster, cannot be left out. Its rare drops, such as Draconic Visage (7.6m) and Dragon Platelegs/Skirt (160k), can fetch you a good amount of gold. With these drops, you can earn approximately 850k to 1 million gold per hour. Lastly, Revenants are an excellent choice for amassing wealth, offering an astonishing 2-4 million gold per hour. The best part is that you can engage with them even at low levels, although your loot may be limited.

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