Wildfire out of control in the USA|new update wildfire in USA

Wildfire out of control in the USA:- We have an exclusive report from Siberia in Russia at the moment. First of all to the US where fires are still burning along the west coast.

Wildlife out of control in the USA

Wildfire out of control in the USA

This is a map from the California fire department Cal Fire. You can see the number of separate fires.

These are aerial shots from Butte County in California. Another fire is threatening communities in the San Gabriel Valley.

Evacuation orders remain in place around the Angeles National Forest. We also know at least 36 people have been killed by these fires since August so as California Oregon’s being badly affected and some of its regions are beyond the state’s measure scale for air quality. This is 155 firefighter.

Then it hits close to home. It’s this is our backyard. There’s are the places that you know, we have friends who have been displaced in neighboring departments that.

New update wildfire in USA

We provide Mutual Aid to who have lost their Matiz and their fire stations or fire engines and you know, the places that we would take our children camping or go and visit we have, you know, we’ve seen those

I’ll turn permanently, you know, we won’t we won’t see those places. Look the same probably in my lifetime, but it’s not just the West Coast this being affected by these fires. This image was treated by the National Weather Service in New York.

It shows the smoke reaching across the country is now visible in New York and in Washington DC a journalist there tweeted this picture crazy.

They say smoke from West Coast Wildfire seen over the Lincoln Memorial The Weather Service says, this is smoked caught up in the jet stream and moving over. Overhead at 20,000 to 25,000 feet.

A record number of fire hazards were reported for September.

Well, let’s move from North America now to South America where fires continue to rage in one of the world’s largest Wetlands that Brazilian Pantanal it hosts the most diverse ecosystem in the world and that ecosystem is at risk a record number of fires in the region have been reported for September.

North America map on Google image

They’ve been more than 5600 just this month for mental groups are blaming farmers and cattle ranchers is one scientist on why this is happening.

Kick can’t trust a shoe before we start to age not to blow the range we get in the state of Mato Grosso including the pan of the Nile comes from the Amazon with increasing deforestation in the Amazon other regions in South America was also suffer as we are seeing this year.

This extreme drought has caused many more fires than we have ever seen some other questions that I just came out this part for all these concerns Brazil’s president balsa. No shrugging

Global criticism he says there are disproportionate criticisms of the Amazon and the Pantanal California is burning with fire. Africa has more fires than in Brazil.

And that last point may be true but scientists are pointed out that in the past the fires across Africa of remained consistent in their number years a year in contrast in the southern part of the Amazon.

Now Russia has Siberia, which is in its second position.

It’s thought the fires are worse than they’ve been for at least 10 years, but we’ve looked at Brazil we’ve looked at u.s. Now to Siberia in Russia, which is in its second.

He has fire season in a row and what links all of these fire is that they’re setting record for severity and damage the Arctic fires and Siberia are burning carbon-rich peatland as particularly seriou because they release more carbon dioxide 35 percent more than last year’s Fire season and last year was a record on.

The trendingsworld.com Steve Rosenberg and his crew the first foreign team to be allow into the Yakutia region, and this is the report they’ve made
If you don’t want to do it.

Siberia they call their forests the lungs of the planet if that’s true our planets in big trouble. We were given a bird’s-eye view of a climate emergency.

From the are Tiberius forest fires look like Armageddon a heatwave has been fueling them and they’re releasing record amounts of carbon and because of the vastness of Siberia fighting the is incredibly difficult this region alone. Yakutia is 13 times the size of Britain.

Huge amounts of greenhouse gases Russia has one-fifth of the world’s forests. If they’re burning The Fallout is a global frictional force that transport and heads into the Siberian Taiga with the forest.

Regis, it’s slow going. This is a real Siberian Forest path not easy to get down and take us a while to get into the fire.

Destroyed a lot

But we’re on the right track it soon becomes clear that fire has swept through here destroying lot and saw the birch.

And turning parts of this fairy tale Forest into a wasteland.

When we catch up with the Flav’s the forest rangers do their best with what they’ve got but no sooner is one fire out.

Other Sparks. It is the syberius equivalent of David versus Goliath range of balancing says it’s getting hotter here every year.

To know more, watch this video 👇👇

New update wildfire in USA

Spending more and more time in the forest just keeps your litter the bizarre. I spent nearly all my Summers now fighting fires my wife and three kids are waiting for me at home. But this is a job.

I must do or what is the Gaia for the planet. There was a double danger here the furling you can see is producing CO2, but also underground fire is forcing the Frozen soil.

Permafrost releasing even more greenhouse gases Siberia has trapped in a vicious circle of climate change Rising temperature means fryer forest more forest fires or fires mean carbon emission being pumped into the atmosphere and War climate change affects.

Everyone demands our hearts will show us how it threatens his community. This is an ad for a web hosting service host here, Diane. Have you ever felt

This way when creating your website when you could have.

We speeding along the L done the great Siberian River shrouded in smoke every day.

He fathered his friends Patrol. This Forest the recently put out a fire. Here close to their Village any lingering flame any hint of danger is pass on

Memorials you cause I don’t remember a summer like this. No brain and so hot. The dried grass was like gunpowder at the co-op a couple hits the ground.

The one thing that worries me. They’ll be less Dry Land Community could end up underwater life here will change Siberia and it’s fired.

Females far away, but Happens here affects us all we are one planet. We are interconnected.

We Face the same climate crisis Steve Rosenberg www.trendingsworld.com Siberia. Thanks to Steve and his colleagues.

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