When did the 1918 pandemic begin and end|pandemic 1918|1918 pandemic and vs 2020 pandemic

when did the 1918 pandemic begin and end:-Can you talk to infectious disease experts and epidemiologists and indeed we talk historians the overall perception in the field, was it? It was just a matter of time.

When did the 1918 begin pandemic and end

The question is what is it that will cause this problem to have bacteria. They don’t evolve very quickly.

We have a good understanding of how that transmitted and we haven’t about People generally thought bacteria not going to cause a global pandemic protozoan infections things like malaria.

Those are very much based in places that are the right climate as long as you can contain that it’s not going to be a problem.

And so when you look at the room where people’s Focus was it was really on the viruses people understood the viruses of probably going to be where we have a problem from then if you question which kind of viruses those people did indeed think that the.

It’s big pandemic would be an influenza pandemic coronavirus wasn’t an imminent threat in the way that influenza is having recognized his threat that is going to be far more efforts to find both a vaccine that works and of course drugs to fight the disease we flew in the influenza vaccine. We know how difficult it is to do this.

In the time of the outbreak of the 1918 influenza, there was very little of a doctor could do. We have sold three Mainstays of treatment you had whiskey you had enemas and you had blood landed.

There are examples of many examples from across the world. Actually, when people have their blood land as a way to Wenzel they would take a knife or a fork you insert it into a vein and remove your blood and it was not to cure you when you remove some blood from somebody who is very sick.

pandemic 1918

You make them lightheaded and faint and they tend to sort of pass out and this was misinterpreted back then as a sign that oh, he’s calm he’s and he’s sleeping during the epidemic aspirin was widely used but nobody understood.

Stood at that time what happens when you take too much aspirin and untreated aspirin overdose is as an Emergency Physician what happens in severe husband over those.

Did you get fluids pouring into the lungs making reading that your goal which makes these symptoms of the flu because so much aspirin was being prescribed at the time in very large doses?

It may be that some of the people who died during the pandemic died as a result of Highly toxic aspirin overdoses.

Other than influenza itself, and this is a very unsettling thought at the time. They didn’t know better.

I think it was a very genuine attempt to deal with them with outbreaks with the best science and they had of the day.

pandemic 1918

There was a great amount that they were completely misguided and wrong about there are also differences between aspirin and chloroquine.

I mean, we are back in 1918 that aspirin does treat the symptoms of fever that is clear which is in love with those.

The region about Europe when is still out we don’t know at all whether or not it treats anything to do with any of the symptoms of COVID.

We still don’t know whether I drop support when it’s going to work. We have to wait for the evidence-based on the good clinical trials the Research Laboratories a friend for the working all out.

Hoping to have enough vaccine by the middle of next month to make it available all over the country. It’s sad to give protection for about a year. Let’s bring

Just decided that this Winter’s vaccine should be against the a be using the strain of flu virus vaccination is about 80% effective and researchers here at the London Hospital have carried out tests showing the vaccine should work this winter there is going to be a true flu epidemic in surely must provide better protection than unvaccinated people.

We have to make a vaccine that targets the part of the coronavirus that has to remain stable knowing that the other bits of the foot of the cross. Coronavirus can be In change and we haven’t yet done that.

1918 pandemic and vs 2020 pandemic

Let’s start with simple vaccine-like measles we only have to give that a couple of times as children were essentially immune to life. Now, why is it that we have to get an influenza vaccine years he is here.

If you have a vaccine that caused your immune system to recognize the outlet code of the above a certain type of influenza your immune system is only good at that type of influenza and should another Restrain come along your immune system comp recognize it now when we talk about your virus and where the same scenario of is the influenza vaccine and nobody knows if we’ll be able to do it. When did the 1918 pandemic begin and end

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1918 pandemic

There are lots of questions about how the vaccine will work Mill only know the answers to those important questions. When we do the clinical trials.

This has been a learning cycle for everybody. Sometimes signs you seem to be doing working fairly obscure areas you

examining coronavirus

Angela and many researchers working in her lab examining coronavirus and perhaps getting some government grants for a couple of million dollars here or there and people might sort of scratch their heads in mind.

They why is this pre-surgery getting this money? And then of course at the end of the day, it turns out that this research was very important we have to maintain our vigilance and continue to do all kinds of basic and clinical research.

Another important lesson, I think for all of us who recognize our vulnerabilities we know from what happened back in 1918 that it is entirely possible for people to be quarantine distant from other people social distancing and then when they come back out together that could be as a second way.

We have the outbreak of the disease first noted in u.s. In January and February of nineteen eighteen round spring and early summer.

1918 the British medical journal said well, that’s it with thunder more influenza. People will no longer quarantine in the way that they have been the virus came back with told you some statistics.

coronavirus season

Now that was probably a result of two things. Not only the fact that people were not any longer quarantine also because influenza is a seasonal virus and the big question that we have now is will there be a Coronavirus season below dreary knows what will happen. When did the 1918 pandemic begin and end

This is a very real open question. But we do have to be very cautious. I think as we think about what the next steps are.

We are not Invincible despite all the amazing things that science and medicine can do disease whether it’s viruses bacterial infections. They all have any potential damage in a very serious way.

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