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Sarkar track:- Rescue crews are responding to a call of a possible shark attack off the coast of Harpswell and EMS crew is on the scene the call came from white sails Lane.

shark attack California

They said remains handed Dineen is on the scene right now. Henna. What can you tell us?

Well, Cindy devastatingly I’ve now spoken with two witnesses who say that they believe the woman one of the women who were out in the water has dried from this attack and two women are out in the water. The other sustained injuries. Shark attack

Now that is unconcerned by beliefs. We’re still working with them to get more details, but here’s what the witness tells me. She says right here off the coast between those rocks and that first.

Mr. Dewey out there. She saw two women swimming in the water. And that is when one woman appeared to be flung up in the air by something from underwater.

Now, she saw this woman had severe injuries and two kayakers came out and took her from the water to shore where we were told by the US Coast Guard that Harpswell EMS Crews responded to those injuries, so, So here’s.

shark attack cope code

What we do have confirmed by police the US Coast Guard confirms. They took a call about the possible shark attack off the coast of Harpswell this afternoon around 3:30.

Now they were in the proces. Sending a small boat to assist in the rescue that would vote would be coming from south Portland and they were call off.

When they heard that those two kayakers had helped in transporting those two people from the water back to Shore and according to Cumberland County dispatch the 911 call for a water rescue came.

From this address here this road here at white sails Lane on Bailey Island right off of Harpswell. So again still a lot of details that we’re looking to confirm with the police.

But what Witness describe. Sydney are Cindy is surely a horrific incident here today on Bailey Island

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