Selena Gomez Seen Covered In BLOOD & Handcuffs For New Show.

Selena Gomez was spotted out on set over the weekend just wearing your average turtleneck sweater, cute plaid skirt, and oh yeah… she was COVERED in fake blood.

Selena Gomez was spotted out on set over the weekend just wearing your average turtleneck.sweater,cute skirt, and oh yeahshe was COVERED in fake blood.

Let’s get into it. Fans know that Selena Gomez has been hard at work filming her new show. Only Murders in the Building.They’ve been shooting in New York City. andshe’s been spotted on set rocking stellarb look after look.But her most recent on set appearance almost made us fall out of our seats because. it was so gory.So here’s your trigger warning if you have a weak stomach, even though the blood is may want to proceed with caution.Also incase you don’t want to see any scenes from the new show. this is your heads up.OK,so Selena was wearing this turtleneck.

and skirt combo and from the back it seemed pretty.harmless…We don’t know exactly why there’s blood all over Selena’s character, Mabel, butshe appeared to be getting arrested in thebloody photos.According to Deadline. the show follows three strangers. played by Steve Martin, MartinShort, and Selena,

who all share an obsessionwith true crime and suddenly find themselveswrapped up in one. And this is perfect for Sel, because. she’s admitted to being a true-crime fan in too and even attended CrimeCon in Chicagolast year.Based on her look and this arrest scene. it looks like things take a turn for the worse. and we can’t wait to see how the show unfolds.And the best part about the whole bloody arrestscene situation?

After Selena finished filming the scene. shejust put her jacket back on and proceeded to bop around the set smiling with the giant.

blood stain on her sweater.Now that’s a real true-crime fan.So while we don’t know the context of this.scene yet, I’m already thinking this whole.look would make for an epic Halloween costume later this year.And to everyone on Twitter saying Selena Gomezis getting arrested. and is covered in blood… It’s just for her show, no need to be alarmed.We can’t wait to watch Only Murders in theBuilding. when it comes out on Hulu later this year.We still don’t have an official for the show. but we will keep you guys posted as soon as we hear.For now, if you want more on SelenaGomez, click right over here for another News.Also, let us know down in the comments belowwhat you think of the bloody pics and if you’reas excited as we are for Sel’s new show.

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