Selena Gomez Realized Why Guys DON’T DATE HER!

Selena Gomez just opened up about the PDA photos that have been swirling around of herself with Aaron Dominguez and how they helped her realize something about her dating life.

selena gomez just opened up about those pda photos swirling around with herself and aaron dominguez and. how they helped her realize something about her dating life let’s break it down. selena gomez fans know that because she’s been famous since a young age. her life has been under a microscope especially when it comes to dating selena has had a few high-profile relationships with other celebs like justin bieber in the weekend and like many other celebs. she’s admitted that the highs and lows of relationships and breakups in the public eye aren’t easy selenators have always been there for her but sometimes things go too far. and selena’s fans go after her exes or her current love interest now obviously. they’re just trying to protect her but the harsh criticism can get out of hand and that’s exactly what’s been happening with selena’s only murders in the building co-star aaron dominguez last month these pda photos of selena and aaron started to surface on social media. the two looked adoringly at each other. and without context fans thought that this could mean selena and erin were an item aaron has also been super supportive of selena on social media by liking her post and also sharing her music. and her bold cover on his stories but when some fans saw all this and assumed. they were dating they started to come for aaron aaron shared a dm that.

he received that said yo ugly boy stay away from selena. another person said aaron trying to seduce selena with them stories with the grimacing face emoji. and others said that they never liked him. and now selena spoke out about the hate. that aaron received and how this whole situation made her rethink her dating life going forward. she told la times that her and erin are just friends. who are on set working together the photos that surfaced were from a scene that they were filming but selena said that quote. we had just started working together. i honestly thought no wonder guys don’t want to date me selena continued on. and reveal what her current relationship status is right now. and how she feels about it saying i think people only care. because i’m young and the older i get the less. they’ll care for now it’s a part of the job. that i don’t really like i’m actually grateful. that i’m not involved with anyone right now.

it’s sad that selena doesn’t feel like. she can share that part of her life with fans due to this kind of online hate and backlash. but we’re just here to support selena in whatever way makes her happy. and there are plenty of fans out there. that want that for her too even if it were to be with aaron. this fan wrote selena and aaron are so cute. and this twitter user said i’m starting to ship selena with aaron dominguez. so, while they’re not romantically involved at least. there are some people out there that aren’t spreading hate. we can’t wait to see aaron and selena. and only murders in the building later this year but for more on selena.

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