Rain forest fire|rain forest fire in USA |Fierce fire in one million area

Rain forest fire:- This is it. It’s almost hard to overstate how dramatic the fires are out west to get a sense.

Rain forest fire in America

Rain forest fire

Look at a satellite photo of California a year ago yesterday and now this was yesterday from above and.

This is just a look at how many fires are burning across the West right now at least 33 people have been killed many are missing and families are displaced, President.

Trump has to Sacramento tomorrow. Our Erin Mclaughlin is just North of there tonight. Right

Rain forest fire in USA

Tonight in Oregon Devastation and Desperation after seeds

Fireball exploding a million Acres burned 16 active fires and at least 10 Dead Tired towns and Bruins dogs searching for bodies thousands of a curated and Sheltering and parking lots.

I was just paralyzed, you know, I didn’t realize it was happening. It feels like Armageddon Cecile Reynolds lost everything.

We didn’t have a destination. We didn’t know where we were going. We just left the single mother now staying with her boy.

At a hotel there Town leveled their home gone. Amiss was right. Some Dominic were struggling to understand. Why I was feeling sad and scared at the moment because I knew that.

Rain forest fire in USA

We were going to probably most likely lose our home thousands also lost their homes in California overnight firefighters were covered in three bodies from the north of the complex fire.

Now more than a quarter contained Visions have approved and progress has been made but that can all change and quickly fire crews are hosing down hot spots here by the highway. They’re concerned.

The winds can pick up tonight residents far from the trunk line Support also feeling the effects the toxic Haze so bad beers the San Francisco 49ers would have to cancel their season opener Steve Peterson and Leslie porches. This has been a two-year trauma and his it. Rain forest fire|Rain forest fire in USA

2018 the couple lost their home to paradise fire. They’ve been homeless ever since four days ago.

rainforest fire in USA

Their campgrounds were evacuated because of the smoke and we join us now from Northern California Aaron you said firefighters are concerned about the wind tonight.

That’s right. Kate Winds of up to 15 miles per hour expected tonight through tomorrow, potentially.

Would hating firefighting efforts though fire officials tell us they’re prepared and ready for it.

Hey, It’s hard to take it all in air and thank you from fire now to a dangerous tropical storm turning off the Gulf Coast right now.

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