NASA and space x launch historic mission

NASA and space X launch historic mission:- rocketWar America opened a new chapter in space history today the first launched in 9 year and the first private company ever to launch NASA astronauts into space vehicle.

Supersonic Dragon nominal trajectory astronauts, Doug Hurley and Bob bank and traveling 17000 Mills per hour for a Sunday morning rendezvous with the space.

Station isolated since March to avoid covid exposure. They Don their new space suits this morning before waving.

Goodbye a second timeto their families with Millions tuning in around the world hundreds of thousands lined the Florida

Coast to watch the launch in person some choosing to socially distance, but many if not most caught up in the moment.

We can overcome these challenges and we still pressed forward early and Bank in arriving at launch pad 39a.

Elon Musk Tesla

In an Elon Musk Tesla the volatile weather clearing just in time as the President and Vice President returned for the second attempt.

He go after separation confirmed the liftoff and Rocket separation exactly as planned dragon v x nominal orbital insertion in a signature SpaceX maneuver,

its booster rocket return to a bull’s-eye landing on a barge in the ocean at a time of political polarization and pandemic isolation.

I’m on my for the entire nation to cheer as one from space Bob behnken weighed in with Incredible appreciate all the hard work and thanks for the great ride.

But space so proud of the people at Nasa all the people that work together public and private when you see a side like that. It’s incredible. Tom it was thrilling watching this all live with you.

What are the astronauts arrived at the space station 10:29 a.m. Tomorrow morning.

And by the way, this Mission could last one to four months depending on how well the spaceship performs and then NASA focuses on the next mission going to the Moon

confirmed the rocket x space

And we have Meco. Because we’re talking stage separation confirmed.

In fact ignition, we have stage separation confirmed the first stage beginning its flight back the second stage being powered by that single Merlin 1D vacuum engine has ignited and this downshifts ignoring Bob and Doug into orbit.

So they’re going to continue on to the power of this second stage.

Propulsion is nominal. Which will cut off at Seco or second engine cutoff at about eight minutes and 44 seconds into today’s flight. So a little over five minutes to go still on this second stage.

You’re the call-out to Alpha. So they’re now in the longest upward cell that carries them all the way from about North Carolina up the Eastern Seaboard almost to Canada things looking good

though getting good call-outs nominal for pulp propulsion on that second stage Bob & Doug continuing to make their way into orbit.

Dragon SpaceX nominal trajectory

Acquisition of signal Bermuda favorite Dragon nominal trajectory. All right here at nominal trajectory is a dragon pointed in the right direction continuing to make their flight uphill heard acquisition of signal Bermuda.

That’s one of the other ground stations that they’re using to get to of entry and data back from the spacecraft propulsion of still nominal.

Well, they were grins all around when we watched that launch and let’s so speak to Jane O’Brien who had the view from the ground Jane does.

My whole body was vibrating with the sound absolutely incredible. You could actually feel it through your entire skeleton.

It was extraordinary and then to see that bright light just suddenly exploding and moving upwards. I really have never seen anything like it. What an

Space X And NASA

Bolt privilege and for those two men on board what a privilege for them and for SpaceX and for NASA to be able to pull this thing off in spite of all the weather problems that they’ve had.

I think this is is just absolutely tremendous a day in history for America and the world Laura for check and Libby Jackson are still with us Laura.

It has to be said as much as it’s exciting as a moment of anxiety to isn’t that for everyone watching this.

Oh, absolutely. Lutely,

I’ve seen several of the shuttle launches in person and even from a distance you are cheering the mine and both praying and hoping the best for them that nothing goes wrong.

And at this point it just looks amazing and every course you never know what could happen in the future during a mission something could still go wrong, but from this and it looks beautiful

it does and Libby you’ve never Tire. Do you have seeing the Earth from that perspective?

Never indeed. I’ve been looking at the pictures and it’s amazing what technology allows us to see with his rocket launchers. I’ve been watching them for many years. NASA and space x launch historic mission

We’re going to see in a little while the landing of the first stage back in Florida and you can see the pictures of its it coming Earth coming back towards it.

It’s all usable, but there are still about four or five minutes till they reach orbit and suspend until they get there until they’re safely in orbit and on their way to the International Space Station with them.

We’ll just watching everything very hopelessly so we sort of keep seeing if it opens going.


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