Kendall Jenner Shades Selena Gomez Over A Dress?

Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez dress drama gets explained. Plus, Kim Kardashian becomes a billionaire and is following in Kylie Jenner’s footsteps with her new skincare line. #KendallJenner​ #SelenaGomez​ #KimKardashian

After Kendall Jenner posted some Easter pics. her fans and Selena Gomez fans have been feuding on Twitter over. who wore the dress first. with Kendall stepping in to set the record straight. Let’s get into it.On Easter Sunday. Kendall Jenner took to social media to share these photos. frolicking in her Easter Sunday best and hugging a chicken. Seems pretty harmless right ? Wrong. Fans quickly noticed that Kendall was wearing the same dress. Selena Gomez wore in her De Una Vez music video. The dress in question is called the Daisy Dress. and it’s from Rodarte’s upcoming spring/summer collection. People started to call Kendall out saying.

she copied Selena writing things like looks familiar. and that Selena was the originator of the dress. And before we go any further. can I just sayCOME ON. It’s 2021. can’t two womenwear the same dress. and not be pitted against each other? They both look beautiful and that dress is EVERYTHING. I also wish I had it in my wardrobe. Ok thank you, moving on. As people continued to be petty and compare Kendall. and Selena’s past looks and theirsimilarities. others pointed out that Kendall actually wore the dress before Selena. Again, not that it matters. but let’s indulge. This Easter post wasn’t the first time that Kendall was seen wearing this dress. Fans threw it back to Kendall’s January Vogue China Shoot where. she was seen rocking this dress on social media posted on January 6th. Meanwhile, De Una Vez came out a few weeks later on January 14th.So in case you’re really keeping tabs onwho wore this dress first. it looks like itwas Kendall according to public posts.And given the madness this Daisy Dress has incited. Kendall actually chimed in on the conversation. and some fans think . she was throwing some subtle shade at Sel. Kendall replied to a tweet that said Kendall Jenner pulling off this dress better. than anyone else saying had to take it home from set. which seemingly was a nod to the fact that she wore it first. And while this tweet stirred up even more drama. many others just found some humor in this situation.Because seriously. why are we all so caught up over a dress?Unless it’s this dress. I don’t see anyreason to fight over it. Anyway, this fan tweeted this meme of cryingKendall writing quote. Seriously, I was just tryna look cute for Easter. Another fan made a nod to Taylor Swift’s song Dorothea. which many think is about Selena Gomez saying. taylor swift was right. when she wrote hey dorothea they all wanna be ya. This fan came through with some truth writing. Little reminder that companies make a lot of the same clothes so different people can wear them. Some items aren’t limited to just one person. And this person made a De Una Vez remix cover with Kendall in the dress because you knowwhat ? I think we can all laugh at this situation by now. At the end of the day. both Selena and Kendall look gorgeous in this dress. and I’m sure. it will look stunning on anyone else who wears it in the future. It’s a beautiful dress. And there are waaaay more important things happening in the world to get caught up over. so let’s put this one to rest for now.If you want more on Kendall Jenner. clickright over here for another News.Be sure to let us know your thoughts on all this dress drama in the comment section below.

I’m your host V I PI N 😎, you can findme on Instagram @WEEPEENTHAKUR, bye guys!

I’m your host V I PI N 😎, you can find
me on Instagram @WEEPEENTHAKUR, bye guys!

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