India vs. Australia 2020 ODI Full Schedule – Date, Time, Squad.

India tour of Australia 2020 ODI

Hello everyone … Welcome to The biggest war of Cricket means IPL 2020 was very interesting and the Mumbai Indian won the Title.  But after IPL 2020 India’s team about to go to Australia. Where we will see a very interesting series between India vs Australia 2020 ODI.

India vs. Australia 2020 ODI
India vs. Australia 2020 ODI

India Tour of Australia

The series is going to more interesting because in this series we will see 10 Match…

3 T20 Matches

3 ODI Matches

4 TEST Matches

The all program has announced. In this post we will talk about all details like….



First of all I would like to start from starting date of India vs. Australia ODI series 2020 is 27 November and on 19 January will be last Match between India vs. Australia.

Big Changes in Indian Team Squads

  • First big change in Indian team is Rishabh Pant

Rishabh Pant dropped from the 3 T20 and 3 ODI Series. And Rishabh Pant may play Test series.

  • Ravinder Jadeja and Mayank Aggrawal in all formats.
  • Varun Chakarwarty Replaced T. Natrajan.
  • Rohit Sharma Added In Squads.
  • Virat Kohli Outs From Last 3 Test Matches. Because he will have to return in India.
  • Bhuvi Rested From All Formats.

All Formats Schedule and Squads of India vs. Australia

ODI Format Schedule

  1. IND vs. AUS

1st ODI

27 November 2020


  • IND vs. AUS

2nd ODI

29 November 2020


  • IND vs. AUS

3rd ODI

01 December 2020

Manuka Oval

India Team squads for ODI Format

  1. Virat Kohli
  2. S Dhawan
  3. S Gill
  4. KL Rahul
  5. S Iyer
  6. M panday
  7. H Pandya
  8. M Agarwal
  9. R Jadeja
  10. Yuzi Chahal
  11. K Yadav
  12. J Bumrah
  13. MD Shami
  14. N Saini
  15. S Thakur

T20 Format Schedule

  1. IND vs. AUS

1st T20

04 December 2020

Manuka Oval

  • IND vs. AUS

2nd T20

06 December 2020


  • IND vs. AUS

3rd T20

08 December 2020


India Team squads for T20 Format

  • Virat Kohli
  • Sikhar Dhawan
  • M Agarwal
  • KL Rahul
  • S Iyer
  • M Panday
  • H Pandya
  • S Samson
  • W Sunder
  • R Jadeja
  • Yuzi Chahal
  • J Bumrah
  • MD Shami
  • N Saini
  • Deepak Chahar
  • K Nagarkoti

Test Format Schedule

  1. IND vs. AUS

1st Test

17 December – 21 December 2020


  • IND vs. AUS

2nd Test

26 December – 31 December 2020


  • IND vs. AUS

3rd Test

07 January – 11 January 2020


  • IND vs. AUS

4th Test

15 January – 19 January


India Team squads for Test Format

  • Virat Kohli
  • Rohit Sharma
  • M Agarwal
  • P Shaw
  • KL Rahul
  • C Pujara
  • A Rahane
  • H Vihari
  • S Gill
  • W Saha
  • R Pant
  • J Bumrah
  • MD Shami
  • Umesh Yadav
  • N Saini
  • K Yadav
  • R Jadeja
  • R Ashwin
  • MD Siraj

So here is the tour of India. After IPL 2020 We going to make fun of cricket through this series India vs. Australia 2020 ODI .


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