India china border|india vs china war president|World war 3

India china border :-The fight that is going on between India and China and American President Trump giving soldiers to India and standing with India.

No shots were fired. But soldiers clashed and died. There are claims brutal basic weapons were used to nuclear Powers were in hand-to-hand combat and both blame the other.

India China border fight

What happened on the India China border and why does it matter so much. It’s 45 years since the last deadly clash between India and China on this border 45 years.

So what changed? Well, the pressure was building. This is the goblin Valley it sits on the border which you can see identified.

There is a line of action. Will control the LA see there are troops on either side of it.

The territory around the LA see is still disputed one recent example is India’s upgrading of its infrastructure to China’s irritation.

And this ball is always been about manage tension, but that tension reached a Breaking Point.

This is India’s version of events. It says the Chinese sought to erect a structure in the Garwin Valley on our side of the LA.

See more recently. India said the satellite images of construction in the Border area. Our proof of China breaking the rules, but then there’s china story

It’s these things quite differently in fumble doing.

The room with a fever and we don’t find.

Any man teaching theology comes from pumping his pump with a fighter whatever.

The reason both agree this something happened. China says it was fierce. India china border

Physical one Indian officer told them they hit our boys on the head with metal bands wrapped in barbed wire.

Our boys fought with bare hands and an Indian official past this image to the claiming these Chinese weapons.

If you’re wondering why this involved hand-to-hand combat his because of a deal back in the 90s that banned guns or explosives near the border.

Border Fight between president

So they fought in a different way precisely how though we can’t know because there’s no footage.

So if you’ve seen lots of videos begin begin mein shared on social media like this one or this one.

They aren’t of this Clash what is real our videos like this a funerals in India? It says 20 of its soldiers died and claims China lost men to for its part. China has a policy of not commenting on Military casualties.

So precisely why this escalated on June the 15th, we still don’t know but these are two neighboring Global Powers constantly jockeying for position.

And in this part of the border the past matters to they fought a war over this patch of land back in 1962 a war in which China essentially rapidly defeat India.

India china border. That’s has been a historical trauma for India in subsequent decad Prime Minister Modi may not call it a historical trauma that he’s aware.

There’s an appetite for India to assert itself. I’m out earlier part of our profit. Saroja, I look at these pictures from Uttar Pradesh.

That’s an effigy of President XI whether by Design or not the Indian Nationalism that fuels Modi’s political power is firing up some.

Fight between two countries

SEMO deep standing up to China some say he’s not done enough others. see ulterior motives one Bengali newspaper says of him.

his party country and patriotism is only a political weapon for them.

There’s also the Chinese suggestion that India this is a national inferiority complex.

Playing out have a look at this and the editor-in-chief of the state back Global times.

He says the fact is India can’t be China militarily and its weak economy isn’t able to sanction China don’t Bluff and stop pushing more Indian soldiers to risk their lives.

He says, but what about China’s motives certainly after the event. It’s wants to be seen as fair but powerful these pictures are from State media.

We’re told this is recent footage of a high-altitude military drill and consider this as This Indian journalist nodes.

The Chinese media broadly varies news of the worst Clash on the India China border for years. He argues and, indeed, the government india china border.

The media have largely not wanted to get into the detail nor ramp up the rhetoric which points to a different while neither may have want this to happen.

Once it had done for China. It became a moment to references military superiority. That is a message for India. what it wants to be seen to stand up to the Chines.

Of course a message for China but also Indians and a watching world. Soap disappointingly for India that watching.

world has shown little interest in getting involv. we may never know precisely what happen on that cold June night in the mountains.

The men died is proof of How High the stakes are for India and China and how their rivalry will shape the region for years to come. Thanks

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