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Herman cain covid:- Breaking news on Herman Cain. We are just getting word that he has passed away due to coronavirus complications.

Herman cain

We know that he had been hospitalized after he was diagnosed with COVID-19 the former presidential candidate and business executive has passed away.

Herman Cain is 74 years old and Corona negative

His website has put out a statement saying that we are heartbroken and the world is poorer Herman Cain has gone to be with the Lord begin.

You’re never ready for the kind of news that was grappl with this morning, but we have no choice but to seek and And God’s strength and comfort to deal with it.

We know that he was hospitalized among one of the highest-profile figures in u.s. To have contracted the virus. And now he has passed away a 74-year-old survivor of stage 4 colon cancer. He was a business executive as you all know board chairman of

Herman Cain image

Branch of Kansas City’s Federal Reserve Bank before moving into Republican politics and eventually becoming a presidential candidate.

So the country will mourn the loss of Herman Cain just getting word that he has passed away. John Roberts is life at the White House on that news this morning John for the last time that.

I saw Herman Cain was it President Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he waved him he went by and it was not long after that June the 29th, and he was diagnosed with Coronavirus. Herman cain covid

And went to an Atlanta Hospital a month after being diagnosed. He remained on a ventilator although people who are close to him.

We’re saying that it appeared as though he might be getting better. The words of went out were that his organs were strong that they were trying to heal his lungs with an infusion of oxygen through a ventilator, but don’t forget our Herman Cain did have some underlying condition back in 2006.

Cain returned some underlying terms in 2006.

He had colon cancer which had spread to his liver. He was Also 74 years old Sandra which put him right in sort of at the Apex of that high-risk group of people who sometime so badly with coronavirus. Herman cain covid

We also know that African Americans suffer severe coronavirus disease at a higher percentage than other people do as well. So I covered his presidential campaign back in 2012.

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He’ll always be forever known as Mister 999 when I was stationed in our land of Bureau. He was a frequent

Visitor as well as he was a contributor to Fox News that is until we got the remote camera put into his home in Stockbridge. And then he no longer had to make the drive to Atlanta.

But the sad news this morning that after a long battle much of it on a ventilator with coronavirus Herman Cain finally succumb to the illnes hand is fast away this morning at the age of 74 the miss by a lot of people pass away.

It was co-chairing Kutcher of the black. Voices for Trump he had attended the president’s Tulsa rally in June. Obviously, that was one of the last times that. We had seen in public was hospitalized for about a month but. John to go back to your point as of an update from his team via Twitter Facebook and his website yesterday.

He was still hospitalized but he was being treated for oxygen. The doctor said his organs and systems were still strong unfortunately as

This disease is unpredictable and sometimes people feel better or appear to be better and then get worse. Herman cain covid

Herman cain condition

They even said he’s really getting better. Which means it’s working and yeah, it’s a good thing as I pointed out. They had put out that statement on Twitter about the fact that they thought they were actually getting better.

But it’s dr. Mark Segal will tell you. Dr. Manny will tell you what sometimes happens with people is they appear to be getting better and then all of a sudden because of an over

The immune system they get something called a cytokine storm. Which literally fills the lung with fluids and they basically drown of their own lymphatic fluid entering the lungs and. It’s he wouldn’t have known what was happening to them because. When you’re on a ventilator you were put into a medical coma because you just couldn’t stand having that tube down you’re here for your throat and into your trachea and the Machine pump lungs so he wouldn’t have known.

Something happened between 29, where they contracted the virus

What was happening to him? But so many people around him did but I’m not saying that that’s what happe. But that’s what we have seen happen in many many cases in people. Who are in a similar age and risk category is Herman Cain that you could even look like you’re getting better and. Then all of a sudden you go south very rapidly and death comes on very quickly as a result. He just started hosting a new show.

He was very excited about it. Yes, but his website saying Herman Cain has gone to be with the Lord and we mourn the loss of Herman cain covid.

Herman Cain

This morning 74 years old. I had been admit to the hospital and months ago due to COVID-19 diagnosis John Robert.If you could stand by at the White House for us Sanders is one just one of.

Herman cain 999

The thing I could point out that that Tulsa rally everybody. Who was going to get close to the president and I would have incurred a concluded. Herman Cain, where’d end because I went through it myself were tested for Coronavirus disease. They had a couple of tent there were set up outside of the center there in. Tulsa, and he would have tested negative at that point.

Otherwise, Has he would not have been allowed into the rally. So something happened between Tulsa and the 29th where he contracted the virus not to see he got it at the rally.

There were some staffers who showed positive some Secret Service who showed positive both prior to the rally actually beginning in the aftermath not to say that happened to Herman Cain, but it’s likely that he would have been negative for Coronavirus on that day because he would have been tested and tested. He was hospitalized in Atlanta in July.

First two days after being told that he had tested positive. So Herman Cain has left us and as his website says has gone to be with the Lord Herman ain covid

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