Greenhouse gases effect|Greenhouse gases hit new record|greenhouse gases

Greenhouse gases effect:- Climate is changing and temperatures in general or increasing on the planet. Sea levels are rising.

Greenhouse gases effect

The ice is melting at the North and South Poles one reason for this is the greenhouse effect.

But what is the greenhouse effect? A greenhouse is normally something useful it helps us grow things like tomatoes out of season.

Because it’s nice and warm inside a greenhouse the sunlight enters and visible light penetrates the glass.

This is absorbed by the plants and the soil partly reflected on the outside as invisible heat radiation as a result temperatures rise inside the greenhouse.

The planet Earth similarly obtains warmth, which is fortunate because otherwise, we could not survive.

Without the natural greenhouse effect temperatures on our planet would be around minus 18 degrees Celsius not the average 15 degrees Celsius above freezing.

Sunlight penetrates the gas layer of the atmosphere. It’s partly absorbed in partly reflected just like in a greenhouse small particles in the air ensure that a percentage of the reflected radiation is sent back to Earth.

However, humans cause a lot of pollution by producing larger ones. III oxide methane and nitrous oxide the small particles increase in number and the result is just like a greenhouse.

Where the glass is to think so an increased amount of radiation is sent back to Earth and the heat is unable to escape causing temperatures to rise constantly on our planet.

greenhouse gases effect

Greenhouse gases hit new record

The nations are pollution has revealed that the concentrations of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere has hit a record high this year greenhouse gas concentrations.

Which already at the highest levels in three million years have continued to rise economic slowdown business closure, and lockdowns during. Greenhouse gases effect

The pandemic had a little long-term effect on concentration levels of greenhouse gases the head of the World Meteorological.

Organization has said that the main greenhouse gases carbon.

Methane and nitrous oxide concentration has increased in recent years. Now.

This is considerably contributed to the rise in temperature across the glue. The shop at Short drop in emissions earlier this year represented only a small Cuts in a boulder of carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide is what it’s like is very wrong. And then we have seen a drop in the emissions this year because of the COVID crisis and pop culture in many many

countries when the unexpected this year. There is some sweet be further seven percent lower than that.

Greenhouse gases hit new record

greenhouse gases

There is since last year, but this is not going to change the big picture because of the extremely long lifetime of carbon dioxide and

We have continued seeing recording atmospheric concentrations of carbon. Well, they did MRS. Photo in April by 17 percent compared to last year.

The biggest is still at par with that of 2006. Now this shows the volume will increase in emissions over the years.

However, as the factories and workers have started to reopen by early June emission started to regain.

Its previous strength latest data reveals that So concentration of carbon. Dioxide has hit four hundred fourteen point three eight parts per million in July.

Compared with four hundred and eleven point seven four parts per million last year.

Now global temperatures have also risen by around one point one degree Celsius.

Their board has also given a detailed description how climate change can adversely affect.

The lives of people hundreds of millions of people will be at risk of severe flooding. Accessories to freshwater is also likely to worsen in the coming years.

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