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The global action plan is a collaboration between 12 multilateral Health humanitarian and development agencies.

That have committed to working together to support countries to accelerate progress towards the health-related Targets in the sustainable development goals.

The heart of our mission is to deliver a type Double Impact where it matters. Most in countries is about

Global action plan

Political change in low-income countries for long-lasting by measures together with who is committed to support countries.

Strengthening Primary Health Care in these times of covid our actions must accelerate the full resumption of activities for Essential Health and Social Services,

Especially for the most vulnerable and marginalized children investing in Primary Health Care are political.

choice and one of the best investments any country can make Equity is at the heart of the global action plan and 2030 agenda for sustainable development and

what happens in the country is what matters along with gap Partners will continue to drive efforts towards leaving.

No one behind you and sta is happy to join and reaffirm our commitment to the global action plan for healthy lives and wellbeing for all of us.

The pandemic has confirmed these three things about how badly the people of the world need universal health coverage. Coverage so we reach the most vulnerable and marginalized first.

Global action plan

The importance of strong and resilient Health Systems functioning in countries and the absolute assoc reality of working in concert together.

We believe in supporting countries means supporting communities get partners must support countries to shift to the right based approaches to ensure access and accountability and to adopt

transformational gender equality and women’s rights agendas. This is how we will ensure everyone’s right to help with

Coach Mission the right tool for the health workers the community and the people themselves.

Global action plan

The global action plan seeks to deliver

This will drive the change in terms of access in terms of equity in terms of progress and sustainability for the health system,

but the lighter to participate in the launch of this report and to express the global fund’s commitment to The Purpose Driven pragmatic collaboration.

Global action plan
Global action plan

The global action plan seeks to deliver If We Ever Needed convincing that collaboration was important covid-19 has demonstrated the imperative for all of us to work together.

A gap is a powerful platform for increased collaboration between the health-focused agencies in the world build back better countries in a

covert and post covered world. It wipes the gaps in Shadows have already committed to working together and with other partners to increase

investment in action and gender equality and to address the influence of gender on behaviors Norms policies and institutional

biases all of which affect access to rights and access to health services. The global action plan.

The initiative is a cross-cutting platform that can drive progress on the SDGs and as the covid band, Amick has shown as in recent months.

The global action plan is now more vital than ever together.

We must harness the urgency of Partnerships forged by covid-19 into a renewed Global compact in action for the SDGs. They are our compass.

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