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Friendship day:- We all have some beautiful friends all with beautiful memories around A Smith who will laugh cry and play and also do lots of City things are true friend will never judge you and always helped you and motivate you to go ahead in your life.

A real friend is a piece of good advice so too. There is no blood relation. But still, they are so close to us that we always share our problems with them and they are always there to help or help us in a bad situation. Whenever we need them.

The real definition of a true friend is a companion that is always there leaving the shoulders to convey Comfort us and helping to resolve our. Friendship day

And crying does best to bring a beautiful smile on our face a true. Friend is always ready to hear our ups and downs stories regarding our life and giving the best advice.

Friendship Day is celebrated every year

They can the value of a true friend is priceless because no. One can ever buy the efforts that they exercise to make us the happiest person in the.

world many times. Lots of disputes and misunderstandings are created by our friends and us but. It’s our responsibility that we should always try to make sure that it gets clear as soon as possible.

And also all the problems can make us the strong bond between our and our friends we can make true and real friends, but.

we Never buy a true or a real sense friendship is like a give-and-take relationship friends are forever and thus.

we should value our friends like a vicious drill that could come across every five and face every situation that comes in our life the value of our friend, but.

we cannot be described in just a single about what so that is Always a cat in a good friendship. That’s why we should care about valuable friend friends. And the best example of true friendship is the. Friendship day

Friendship of Lord Krishna and sudama, they both said the best example of friendship for everyone in the world. So we need to understand the real meaning of it true friendship from their story

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