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FA Cup:-We just lost the Cup Final Aston to Chelsea one will start off by saying congratulations to our snow. You’ve won the FA Cup. You’ve got yourself into Europe next season.

(FA Cup Final )6 things we learnt CHELSEA 1-2 ARSENAL

It’s the first time on George medicine for the channel that we’ve lost the Cup Final major competition. Absolutely.

We lost the way that we lost the man of whom we lost. About five minutes ago and I roll the camera on.

Through six things we learned today series. FA Cup I do after every single to my channel like to ask you to do so and you know,

it helps me how we can move forward tomorrow. with something new as much today as I possibly can because. The wolf six things you learned the video was leaking fuel from the motion. This one is emotional again as well.

See if I come is a competition that we’ve been very good in this season, but Chelsea and Arsenal in this Millennium are the best clubs in this competition and it was a chance to really build something here within Frank Lampard’s first season, and.

I’m not just going to see here today and be glum and sad about. losing a cup final because is still been an incredible season regardless of. what the result was today. Well, it would have been so much better and if I had

Bring my face right now. I’d be much happier. But anyway, we’re gonna gain to me Mateos box. The one I’m going to give a green box for this man because single-handedly and. I think that in this video, I’m going to stake a claim for this fans be Chelsea’s player of.

FA Cup final between ARSENAL vs Chelsea

The Season Chris you holistic absolutely fantastic again, like five minutes into

he game is drifted into the Bob sees ghosts in is a nice little knuckle from Olivier sheru holistic. Is there finishes It Off

He gets the ball. He’s just running forwards and when he went off it was a sad moment. I put on Twitter, which I know for me on Twitter saying, you know, it’s not ideal when you score for flamingos or score three men in scoring one Christian has a just.

This is my personal life have seen do. At the same time that they often will sing was very smart intelligent exactly. Why the issue was on the pitch pussies finish.

It was very good soon as he went off everything just seemed to disappear Chelsea in terms of creativity could see today, although there’s gonna be a long time for reinforcements coming season.

We are looking right now with classic the same way that. we did with Hazar where Chelsea is so reliant on impeding good form in Goodwill and good energy.

In order for us to go forward and scored goals. So it’s a green blob your Christian will to seek and then suddenly when you lose a cup final there’s not really much you can do other than praise may be the one or two the reserve the praying so box number two is a race card and it’s frustrating because.

I actually thought the wind wasn’t committing cynic whales or student decals for you as good as I thought. What shows he really liked that he is ideas managed to keep hold of FA CUP

Chelsea 1-2 Arsenal

The ball instead of just getting rid of it as quick as possible, which I felt like I was the game plan for the majority of this game Josie.

We needed coverage and as soon as he went off not only did we not look as though we can see but there was no one in transition. There was no way that Jose Eber gonna move.

On the fence into the attack and go ahead and score a goal is to read the monster amount of the red card because not only did we miss competition ability when we have the ball on the web and one of the times I did.

Gorgeous setting off. I have to give it rest folks to the case. Just main job your mercy Fame with ten times harder with so many players out there.

You just looked as though they just run a marathon going into this game, which is not exactly what you need. When you losing a couple I know.

Want to chase the game low point in the second half that I feel confident that she’ll see we’re going to go ahead and score them go FA Cup

2-1 FA cup result team

We weren’t challenging the are some defense. You weren’t challenging the Arsenal goalkeeper, which is no flipping out. He’s playing the game with so far in the second half because everyone was super tired.

We know that you know, it’s been a long season to last season for us all season to church. It was always the same person in the same breath our game plan so easily because.

We were able to move. The ball movements to get shells in positions to be able to drive forwards and. I think today the lack of urgency we got caught.

We must be getting my one goal and don’t get him started on the referee. I don’t want to see any I never ever want to be that guy. Who is a video after a football match where you’ve lost just blame the referee veracity flipping take them before for a man.

Who has just played his last game for Chelsea. Friction off in injury time Pokemon and. The reason I like this into Anthony Taylor is that he was clearly found out.

Yes, there was contact on the ball, but. He’s come over him with his leg and it’s a free-kick on the edge of the area. Nothing’s given Anthony Taylor for what a dreadful game.

I want to spend a couple of minutes to talk about Pedro maybe not a couple of minutes maybe a few seconds, but.

Pedro Rodriguez the man with that ball in I could have some part of the year that. We won the league and run Tony Vacanti Pedro retrieve something you always know about expanding.

Aubameyang scores twice for Arsenal as They beat Chelsea 2-1 wembley

It is whether or not he’s got the same Pace the same energy is used to he is absolutely everything.

Yes, age might help your side. Yes. He might be on his way out to Roma. The way that Pedro came on and just trying to take players on governments and.

I came on and he was a ghost in the game. I think you should be looking at something like petrol who comes

Yes, mon has the same lightning Pace that he used to have. He try everything he could he kept getting on the ball kept trying to take Arsenal player.

I’ll try to get you the positions and even though he’s got stretchered off the field and the last thing he did in the Josie show.

It was a looser cut find all I had to give in a green box because the man has been an absolute hero.

It’s like Josie he’s not as many minutes to season. It was the right move from tonight to extend. The contract and to go to Syria. Thank you, Pedro Rodriguez.

Get well soon. And yeah sadly, he was an FA Cup final defeat feel asking what my voice is screw the most of the fine for.

football team score

I want to speak about momentum and the momentum that . We could have had going into this game against Bayern Munich has been totally destroyed because of the injury.

Do you want us to get flipping booth on and come to Munich and play a game? All right.

Injuries momentum going into Bayern Munich is now how we gonna get this back before I was thinking like, okay.

He’s injured players limping off Pedro is gonna feature as well. I’m gonna count a didn’t come on his and so what do we do? How do we pull this one back? I know that right now.

I’m seeing straight after the game and I’m upset and sad but.

have no idea how we’re gonna go to Munich and even field and 11 at. his point because so many flipping injuries, and. I think that the momentum that we could have had with this win has now it’s the worst way.

To lose a cut finer like that when there’s a few decisions. When you know that you truly not even giving him best are don’t think it was the best from Chelsea.

I don’t think we gave everything and done boils down to leadership on the pitch. And I think that I’ve given him a red box because it’s not as for the quite as fault the curtilage is yes for Chelsea’s to feed but. FA Cup

Fa cup final result

What we saw earlier today was Agency, you need someone to buy the bully grab. The game by the Scruff of the neck and say this is where we go. This is what we do.

I’m Pedro is really the only one who did that in the second half. I think that what this game really showed from Josie is that it’s all well and good that .

We’ve had a very very good season with these young players, but in a cup final, we need Didier we needed someone.

Who is a leader to just grab the game and bring drag these players through to the finish line. And I feel as though even though we only lost by one goal.

We kind of crawl acros the finish line today, even though we lost which is a shame.

It wasn’t enough urgency buttery know. I was there is this a strong but you know, there are over a hundred minutes. I didn’t see enough Chelsea wasn’t good enough.

The season is a know. We’ve got Bayern Munich next weekend in Jersey.

He said a whole bunch of the cell Gunplay funny too because. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to feel the team’s Flippin injuries. But anyway, thank you guys for watching.

It’s been six things. We learned the first-ever season focus on the focus on transfers rebuilding the next season.

This is you know, it’s still don’t get me wrong this video because. We lost the flipping cut fight, of course.

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