Covid-19 Cases in 31 States|coronavirus new updates in USA

Covid-19 Cases in 31 States :- In the meantime, we turn to the coronavirus in this country, and tonight cases rising in 31 States and Wisconsin with a record number of hospitalizations. Now President Trump with two rallies plan.

Covid-19 Cases in 31 States

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Covid-19 Cases in 31 States

They’re coming days tonight more than two hundred six thousand American lives have been lost more than 30 States and Puerto Rico reporting cases on the rise.

The teacher’s unions in Wisconsin now calling on schools there from kindergarten up through high school and college to go virtual President Trump planning those two rallies and tonight the governor asking the president.

Skip them or to ask his supporters to wear masks. Here’s even Pilgrim tonight a record number of COVID patients training hospitals in Wisconsin high months into this pandemic right now is not slowing down.

It’s picking up speed in one town parents outraged after an assistant football coach stayed on the field after learning during a scrimmage that he had the virus that coach later fired.

They can’t believe in the coach. Did this the governor who has Pleaded for National leadership on the virus now calling on President Trump to either skip his Wisconsin rallies this weekend or require his supporters to wear masks.

The president challenged Mass during the debate saying dr. Anthony found she had changed his position on mask dr.

Fouch. She said the other it was seven weeks ago. She told David there should be Universal wearing of masks. I

That Universal wearing of masks is one of five or six things that are very important in preventing the upsurge of infection today.

Dr. Fuji pushing back against the president in an interview with ABC’s and start here podcast.

Anybody who has been listening to me over the last several months knows that compensation does not go by where I do not strongly recommend that people wear masks cases now rise.

Being in 31 States the Latino Community one of the hardest-hit making up 56 percent of deaths in Texas and 48 percent in California.

Covid-19 Cases in 31 States

But we’re staying in a historic destination among the Hispanic Community by this virus in San Diego County.

Elvira Martinez was first hospitalized with the virus followed by her daughter Cassie the 29-year-old with no underlying conditions suffered two heart attacks before dying of the virus.

It’s true. I’m trying to be strong never in my wildest dreams or nightmares what.

I have thought that this would have happened this as a new CDC study found a 55% increase in cases among 18 to 22-year-olds last month. Nineteen-year-old Appalachian State student Chad.

Dora was reportedly healthy before getting the virus later dying of COVID complications. Everyone says like oh if I was the older people who it affects the most but like

Is healthy and so like seeing that happen to him like makes me feel a little more worried about everything and new projections show that risk may be increasing in the northern part of the country as temperatures drop and people just get tired of wearing masks and social distancing but researchers say there still is time to take those measures and minimize new cases David or he the pilgrim with us tonight even thanks.

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