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Black tax :- can be summed up as a duty that the child has to the family most of the time we find that our families give up so much to ensure that.

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We get the degree and once we get that job, it is payback time to be the time you still foreign.

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I don’t think of me as an African man. I agree with the weight, especially the textile rather.

Family responsibilities we do grow up in communities that are far behind sometimes. It’s actually quite nice to start empowering people in our communities.

If 123 people are giving you know through it means. The Greater Community is gaining the so in order to uplift our people I’m happy to really do what. I can black tags have both negatives and positives the positive thing for me.

I am ensuring that a nephew gets a much-needed education, but on the downside, it means that I personally have to make a lot of sacrifices.

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So a lot of people do struggle with that mainly because the obligation is engraved within us like deep mentally.

It has to have to go to find. I think it’s still going to fall for a number of people mainly because of. The inability to set boundaries at one point. I had to pay for my younger sisters fishing.

I didn’t look at it as something that I was forced. I had to do it because. I was not going to look at suffering in my presence while I can help. Black tax

I love to be the loot because of what. I have done for myself and the other members of the community. I think that is well.

The thing is if you always coughing up money, you’re not actually not going to be able to progress because. It’s a lifetime commitment.

Actually, I think set up a budget of how much you can afford. How much Give them and how far you’re willing to do it for.

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I think so, but I think it’s going to take some time and I think it’s going to take us. Witch is the new generation coming up from like the 90 Force upwards to change it. Black tax|what is black tax

It is definitely about breaking that cycle. We don’t want to burden our children as well. We want to set them up for a great future.

We want our kids to be the first generation that actually builds trust funds for their own kids.

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