Corona and grass copper in India

Corona and grass copper in India – Coronavirus is running all over the world at this time , but in a country like India, another new k has spread, which is coming through Pakistan, is an insect and there are about thousands of crores of herds and the capital of India. An alert of the capital can be reached at any time in Delhi, because the team of grass copper is currently active in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Grass copper

speciality of grass copper

India has come after 28 years or more and usually.

Desert Tindis are seen in western Rajasthan and Gujaratfrom June to November, but they started appearing only in April. The specialty of this baton is that they either live alone or live in small groups. It is unusual for women to be in this flock in 1 way. Corona and grass copper

It is also typical that in one day a single Tindi lays eggs till Panso and is moving at a speed of 15 km per hour.

And the biggest feature is that 7000 people or equal to 3000 elephants eat food in a day. Its flying speed is typed from 15 km per hour to 1500 km per hour in 1 day.

And this India can be around 8000000 India. The size of a cold varies from 2 to 2.5 inches.

survival mode grass copper

These teedeyo rest at night and wait for the morning sun to rise and then wipe out the crops around where they live .Corona and grass copper

Grass copper can tell by playing firecrackers, drums, clap, clap, etc. when attacked, and at the same time the teedeyo that falls in the drains on the side of the field should be pressed from behind.

Spraying of insecticide should be done during its sitting period so that it can be killed easily.

from 3:00 am to 4:00 pm to kill teedeyo. Is most effective.

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