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Sarkar track:- Rescue crews are responding to a call of a possible shark attack off the coast of Harpswell and EMS crew is on the scene the call came from white sails Lane.

shark attack California

They said remains handed Dineen is on the scene right now. Henna. What can you tell us?

Well, Cindy devastatingly I’ve now spoken with two witnesses who say that they believe the woman one of the women who were out in the water has dried from this attack and two women are out in the water. The other sustained injuries. Shark attack

Now that is unconcerned by beliefs. We’re still working with them to get more details, but here’s what the witness tells me. She says right here off the coast between those rocks and that first.

Mr. Dewey out there. She saw two women swimming in the water. And that is when one woman appeared to be flung up in the air by something from underwater.

Now, she saw this woman had severe injuries and two kayakers came out and took her from the water to shore where we were told by the US Coast Guard that Harpswell EMS Crews responded to those injuries, so, So here’s.

shark attack cope code

What we do have confirmed by police the US Coast Guard confirms. They took a call about the possible shark attack off the coast of Harpswell this afternoon around 3:30.

Now they were in the proces. Sending a small boat to assist in the rescue that would vote would be coming from south Portland and they were call off.

When they heard that those two kayakers had helped in transporting those two people from the water back to Shore and according to Cumberland County dispatch the 911 call for a water rescue came.

From this address here this road here at white sails Lane on Bailey Island right off of Harpswell. So again still a lot of details that we’re looking to confirm with the police.

But what Witness describe. Sydney are Cindy is surely a horrific incident here today on Bailey Island

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World nature conservation day|world nature conservation 2020|world nature day

world nature conservation day:-we just method to conserve power over stay tuned in the end while is celebrated on 28 July all over the order to raise awareness about the importance of natural resources and encourage people to participate.

28 July every year celebrate

Make sure that a healthy environment is a foundation for a stable and productive. Society drink to ensure the well-being of present and future donation. So we all must participate to protect and conserve population resource. Should be utilize in various diseas naturally. World nature conservation day

Increase temperature is so it is important to raise awareness amongst people all over the. world nature conservation means protecting nature using natural resource wisely to protect wildlife and promote 500 deaths.

There are several threads to Nature like Deforestation illegal. Wildlife trade pollution using Plastics using chemical has provid basic necessity to live like animal, so we should keep nature.

World nature conservation day

world nature day celebrate on 28 July.

Dean in Hindi Industrial Development

The factors are also responsible for the completion of nature now, maybe share some method because of the environment.

Most important is a biodegradable product as much as possible save. water and reduce our consumption wherever possible.

Did you say the use of electricity make sure to turn off applianc when work is done?

The chargeable batteries his battle are dangerous sport environment. We must try to use less paper as much as possible.

Industrial Development are also responsible for most important. Reduce the use of electricity make sure to turn off appliance when walking.

Georgia movement design environment we must try to use less paper as much as possible. World nature

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women s pink bridal gown

Teej festival|Teej festival image|most popular festival in India |Teej festival 2019

Teej festival:- What is the festival celebrated by anybody woman. The long life of their husband and long life has some relationship between them until their death of this life. the life to come he’s is observed for marital.

Teej festival most popular festival in India

happiness well-being of spouse and children and purification of one body and soul. This is the most famous festival among Nepali women. he folk music and dance more flavor to Traditional Values of these. It is fascinating to see Woman in Red. Dancing and singing on the street boy to temper it holy and this is also called hikers. Use this Festival is celebrated by the family here in the woman all acros the world. This is a small insect that comes out of the so during the rainy season. Teej festival

It is said he’s got its name from the same bracelet. That is why it is celebrating Raritie is celebrated on Thursday of partnership class Buster according to Nepali your lunar calendar day.

It is generally only daggers in early September. Steve is traditionally dedicat to the goddess piracy remembering her Union with Lord Shiva.

It is a three-day-long celebration that combin Splendid Feast as well as Bridget fasting these also welcome and celebrat how do. We celebrate these first days of serious guns, but hanging on this day all the family members assure you, woman.

The festival is celebrated every year

Who’s married and on Mira’s gather at one place in their finest outfits of red girls, so hugger.The start dancing and singing devotional song with Nepali folk and behold this evening the grand Feast Express. Teej festival

The graph is called the third. The phone often goes on till midnight after midnight the 24-hour party starts woman going fasting the very next day or very big Feast dog, Hannah. That means I have a Nepali display Zorro kinetic and or whatever.The meaning is they go for a big Feast that evening with dessert sweet.

I food 6040 fruits and non-vegetarian foods, like buttons and chickens and buy some communities. The second day is mean d of these the fasting day even think it is very rigid they even live without. A piece of food and drop of water while some are putting food on this table.

Teej celebrates the festival in its own way

He’s resting rate married woman were there Logan go pootie not TN. The treasurie and stuck it to Heidi dress are optional but 30 T. learn Capote and a thes is to be most important and they visit nearby Lord shiva’s Temple singing and dancing all.

way most of the devotees in Kathmandu go to and the old Shiva.The woman worship the Shiva lingam a symbol of Lord Shiva offering flowers.

Sweets coin the main through your religious ceremony takes this with offerings of flowers fruit Etc me to Shiva and Parvathi pleading than 2 Grand the blessing upon. The husband pancake the most important part of the Buddha is mostly done in the evening time burning a lamp.

How is Teej festival celebrat and when

It’s to be a bossy interview, which should be burning through all night. It is a tradition of giving new of these by her mother to the lodge remarried.

Today morning women get off early in the Dawn and get clean and do the so. once and again to the see you and God is power. The most important part of this Puja is banana and the holy basil to Cpanel.

If only after the Buddha moment exploits. the pretty Aqua is gonna share three people in Karbala. starting to cook their food made with purity.

To variou deitie and big with a red marker found on the roots of the statute that you’ll push along with its to these the act of purification is the final ritual of after.

Which woman are consider for urine from all these thing the recent year our goodn and adjustment . We chose especially regarding the strictne pretty means. The same the no conception of Steel not known, however. it is celebrat by the women of Nepal and some point.

This is the state that celebrates Teej festival

Yeah with a lot of joining CCAC. – married women reach upwards of this Festival fun eating delicious food popular liquor store on the evil season singing and dancing on the main day. The main features of the streets of Kathmandu don’t see your ribs woman dressing retirees and goatee.

Making the waitress she was trainedespecially.The Pashupatinath temple these. the devote not even drink. The whole city the differs offer worship the god Shiva and then the rest of the day singing. Dancing in the temple premis singing these song like these occurr. Ihara our body, right?

The most Shiva temple on this day outside Kathmandu Valley two women gather. place like a rose in market and enjoy. festival by dancing and singing true. The Prodigy refusing to take even a drop of water.

He’s real Smiles on the faces of women in the cities and Villages. It is a rare opportunity for many married women in the past Village to put

There’s a huge TV schedule and Village home with the parents invited orders or send someone to bring. The daughter to the first day or two before the festival.

Every woman should do this festival

Teej festival here is a contributor ritual called 34 going on a fossil fuel. a new daughter go to their mother.

Please during this Festival unless. They get an invitation from the Credence or brother in. The case did not get an invitation from the parents. They feel extremely that they say it is sad.

The signing of the festival is practically ruler Society like ours. It as immediat after the farm of his over. The father take place after. the farmers finish feeding their families so much fun the food. Teej festival

They eat in a half star varies from place to place in your submission apology for its failure. She and Martin in the form of there. Where as in Western Europe Ozzy rice cooking tea.

We stick on letting in the City full of sweets Martin fish me the main menu of that these days.

It is becoming expensive disabiliti as people seem to be completing inviting relatives and friend for this door.spending more of a ritual practice.

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India china border|india vs china war president|World war 3

India china border :-The fight that is going on between India and China and American President Trump giving soldiers to India and standing with India.

No shots were fired. But soldiers clashed and died. There are claims brutal basic weapons were used to nuclear Powers were in hand-to-hand combat and both blame the other.

India China border fight

What happened on the India China border and why does it matter so much. It’s 45 years since the last deadly clash between India and China on this border 45 years.

So what changed? Well, the pressure was building. This is the goblin Valley it sits on the border which you can see identified.

There is a line of action. Will control the LA see there are troops on either side of it.

The territory around the LA see is still disputed one recent example is India’s upgrading of its infrastructure to China’s irritation.

And this ball is always been about manage tension, but that tension reached a Breaking Point.

This is India’s version of events. It says the Chinese sought to erect a structure in the Garwin Valley on our side of the LA.

See more recently. India said the satellite images of construction in the Border area. Our proof of China breaking the rules, but then there’s china story

It’s these things quite differently in fumble doing.

The room with a fever and we don’t find.

Any man teaching theology comes from pumping his pump with a fighter whatever.

The reason both agree this something happened. China says it was fierce. India china border

Physical one Indian officer told them they hit our boys on the head with metal bands wrapped in barbed wire.

Our boys fought with bare hands and an Indian official past this image to the claiming these Chinese weapons.

If you’re wondering why this involved hand-to-hand combat his because of a deal back in the 90s that banned guns or explosives near the border.

Border Fight between president

So they fought in a different way precisely how though we can’t know because there’s no footage.

So if you’ve seen lots of videos begin begin mein shared on social media like this one or this one.

They aren’t of this Clash what is real our videos like this a funerals in India? It says 20 of its soldiers died and claims China lost men to for its part. China has a policy of not commenting on Military casualties.

So precisely why this escalated on June the 15th, we still don’t know but these are two neighboring Global Powers constantly jockeying for position.

And in this part of the border the past matters to they fought a war over this patch of land back in 1962 a war in which China essentially rapidly defeat India.

India china border. That’s has been a historical trauma for India in subsequent decad Prime Minister Modi may not call it a historical trauma that he’s aware.

There’s an appetite for India to assert itself. I’m out earlier part of our profit. Saroja, I look at these pictures from Uttar Pradesh.

That’s an effigy of President XI whether by Design or not the Indian Nationalism that fuels Modi’s political power is firing up some.

Fight between two countries

SEMO deep standing up to China some say he’s not done enough others. see ulterior motives one Bengali newspaper says of him.

his party country and patriotism is only a political weapon for them.

There’s also the Chinese suggestion that India this is a national inferiority complex.

Playing out have a look at this and the editor-in-chief of the state back Global times.

He says the fact is India can’t be China militarily and its weak economy isn’t able to sanction China don’t Bluff and stop pushing more Indian soldiers to risk their lives.

He says, but what about China’s motives certainly after the event. It’s wants to be seen as fair but powerful these pictures are from State media.

We’re told this is recent footage of a high-altitude military drill and consider this as This Indian journalist nodes.

The Chinese media broadly varies news of the worst Clash on the India China border for years. He argues and, indeed, the government india china border.

The media have largely not wanted to get into the detail nor ramp up the rhetoric which points to a different while neither may have want this to happen.

Once it had done for China. It became a moment to references military superiority. That is a message for India. what it wants to be seen to stand up to the Chines.

Of course a message for China but also Indians and a watching world. Soap disappointingly for India that watching.

world has shown little interest in getting involv. we may never know precisely what happen on that cold June night in the mountains.

The men died is proof of How High the stakes are for India and China and how their rivalry will shape the region for years to come. Thanks

India ban china aap today

India ban china aap today they have been banned because they were using the country to say yes because they were violating them. All the things that have been banned from you for 5am Balveer, due to which a lot of people use you more than you, that Congress UC Browser in all of you, Manish Bada with our information. Decision of the government because you cannot run as bright as you are and serious allegations are being made. That being said?

That he was violating it. India ban china aap today being used for goods. These people of Nagpur sent you the proof of this to the government via email and through different means. It took a review of this request and how it is the official typing app and cricket tick talk. Decided to help the government.

How big to plant paddy. India ban china aap today message was going to be that whichever decision is big and what was the necessary decision that China is getting, on the basis of which information is getting banned. On behalf of the team that tried to fight the war, it has been banned. Are doing, were missing him.

Took a step on these and almost all these 59 were donated to you. Another thing that we felt was that even in India, the decision of Tika Talk’s chart and if all of these were banned completely in India, then the big decision was to violate the privacy exam. Remedy What information is getting narrowly How were all of them using it and how is everyone looking from this post on behalf of Balveer for spyware. This is also a big hit. But because it will hurt China, it will hurt the team a lot. whole world! The problem with spying activity is also the same that apart from India, it was too big to be seen in your countries. He is Baba’s government and it is banned. Thank you very much

Check up today board result online 2020

Ekta will release the result of the exam today, during this, the result of the candidates will be the official website of Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Council


UP board 10th and 12th result more students participated.

Ekta will release the result of the exam today. During this, the results of the candidates can be checked by going to Uttar Pradesh Secondary Result dot UP dot The students who sit in the number go to the message option. Type the roll number and 562 will tell it to you. Due to coronavirus infection, UP board 10th and 12th examinations ended on March 6, after which answer sheets.

Was started on After that, on June 5 and May 12, June 7, when the evaluation work was completed, 2811 evaluation centers were set up to meet. In order to pass a total of 30 million 961570 board exams including one crore 2941714 answer sheets of school and intermediate, students need to get at least 35% marks in each subject. In the previous year, Class XII passed the examination and in class X, 80.7% passed the examination. Tell Allahabad!

Names and other details of students in both English and Hindi

NASA and space x launch historic mission

rocketWar America opened a new chapter in space history today the first launched in 9 year and the first private company ever to launch NASA astronauts into space vehicle. Supersonic Dragon nominal trajectory astronauts, Doug Hurley and Bob bank and traveling 17000 Mills per hour for a Sunday morning rendezvous with the space. Station isolated since March to avoid covid exposure. They Don their new space suits this morning before waving. Goodbye a second timeto their families with Millions tuning in around the world hundreds of thousands lined the Florida coast to watch the launch in person some choosing to socially distance, but many if not most caught up in the moment. We’re still America. We’re still strong. We’re great. We can overcome these challenges and we still pressed forward early and Bank in arriving at launch pad 39a. In an Elon Musk Tesla the volatile weather clearing just in time as the President and Vice President returned for the second attempt. He go after separation confirmed the liftoff and Rocket separation exactly as planned dragon v x nominal orbital insertion in a signature SpaceX maneuver, its booster rocket return to a bull’s-eye landing on a barge in the ocean at a time of political polarization and pandemic isolation.

I’m on my for the entire nation to cheer as one from space Bob behnken weighed in with Incredible appreciate all the hard work and thanks for the great ride. But space so proud of the people at Nasa all the people that work together public and private when you see a side like that. It’s incredible. Tom it was thrilling watching this all live with you. What are the astronauts arrived at the space station 10:29 a.m. Tomorrow morning. And by the way, this Mission could last one to four months depending on how well the spaceship performs and then NASA focuses on the next mission going to the Moon

confirmed the rocket x space

And we have Meco. Because we’re talking stage separation confirmed.

In fact ignition, we have stage separation confirmed the first stage beginning its flight back the second stage being powered by that single Merlin 1D vacuum engine has ignited and this downshifts ignoring Bob and Doug into orbit. So they’re going to continue on to the power of this second stage.

Propulsion is nominal. Which will cut off at Seco or second engine cutoff at about eight minutes and 44 seconds into today’s flight. So a little over five minutes to go still on this second stage. You’re the call-out to Alpha. So they’re now in the longest upward cell that carries them all the way from about North Carolina up the Eastern Seaboard almost to Canada things looking good though getting good call-outs nominal for pulp propulsion on that second stage Bob & Doug continuing to make their way into orbit.

Dragon SpaceX nominal trajectory

Acquisition of signal Bermuda favorite Dragon nominal trajectory. All right here at nominal trajectory is a dragon pointed in the right direction continuing to make their flight uphill heard acquisition of signal Bermuda. That’s one of the other ground stations that they’re using to get to of entry and data back from the spacecraft propulsion of still nominal.

Well, they were grins all around when we watched that launch and let’s so speak to Jane O’Brien who had the view from the ground Jane does. I put it was like that was incredible. I have never seen anything like it. I mean the suspense the build-up and then to actually see hear and feel it take off. My whole body was vibrating with the sound absolutely incredible. You could actually feel it through your entire skeleton. It was extraordinary and then to see that bright light just suddenly exploding and moving upwards. I really have never seen anything like it. What an

Bolt privilege and for those two men on board what a privilege for them and for SpaceX and for NASA to be able to pull this thing off in spite of all the weather problems that they’ve had. I think this is is just absolutely tremendous a day in history for America and the world Laura for check and Libby Jackson are still with us Laura. It has to be said as much as it’s exciting as a moment of anxiety to isn’t that for everyone watching this. Oh, absolutely. Lutely, I’ve seen several of the shuttle launches in person and even from a distance you are cheering the mine and both praying and hoping the best for them that nothing goes wrong. And at this point it just looks amazing and every course you never know what could happen in the future during a mission something could still go wrong, but from this and it looks beautiful it does and Libby you’ve never Tire. Do you have seeing the Earth from that perspective?

Never indeed. I’ve been looking at the pictures and it’s amazing what technology allows us to see with his rocket launchers. I’ve been watching them for many years. We’re going to see in a little while the landing of the first stage back in Florida and you can see the pictures of its it coming Earth coming back towards it. It’s all usable, but there are still about four or five minutes till they reach orbit and suspend until they get there until they’re safely in orbit and on their way to the International Space Station with them.

We’ll just watching everything very hopelessly so we sort of keep seeing if it opens going.

Corona and grass copper in India

Coronavirus is running all over the world at this time , but in a country like India, another new k has spread, which is coming through Pakistan, is an insect and there are about thousands of crores of herds and the capital of India. An alert of the capital can be reached at any time in Delhi, because the team of grass copper is currently active in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Grass copper

speciality of grass copper

India has come after 28 years or more and usually.

Desert Tindis are seen in western Rajasthan and Gujaratfrom June to November, but they started appearing only in April. The specialty of this baton is that they either live alone or live in small groups. It is unusual for women to be in this flock in 1 way.

It is also typical that in one day a single Tindi lays eggs till Panso and is moving at a speed of 15 km per hour.

And the biggest feature is that 7000 people or equal to 3000 elephants eat food in a day. Its flying speed is typed from 15 km per hour to 1500 km per hour in 1 day.

And this India can be around 8000000 India. The size of a cold varies from 2 to 2.5 inches.

survival mode grass copper

These teedeyo rest at night and wait for the morning sun to rise and then wipe out the crops around where they live.

Grass copper can tell by playing firecrackers, drums, clap, clap, etc. when attacked, and at the same time the teedeyo that falls in the drains on the side of the field should be pressed from behind.

Spraying of insecticide should be done during its sitting period so that it can be killed easily.

from 3:00 am to 4:00 pm to kill teedeyo. Is most effective.